1. kiko kltzhke

    kiko kltzhke13 soat oldin

    The narrator was literally trying his best not to break down in laughter the whole time until he couldn't hold it out any longer 🤣🤣🤣

  2. creme shaver

    creme shaver13 soat oldin

    ticks are disgusting as fuck

  3. Diana Cummins

    Diana Cummins13 soat oldin

    Ugh....Love them too ❤💯🦇🦇🦇

  4. °stardust°

    °stardust°13 soat oldin

    Can we just ignore the fact that "Teddy on drugs"

  5. Diana Cummins

    Diana Cummins13 soat oldin

    " MUPPETS " OMG 😂🤣😅😛

  6. Diana Cummins

    Diana Cummins13 soat oldin

    You just won a new fan right here. LOVE Owls sooooo much & your hilarious commentary still has me ROTFLMFAO ! You sirrrrrrr are AWESOME 💯❤🦉

  7. Bolezy

    Bolezy13 soat oldin

    Cuz your nose might get preeeegnant.

  8. Lelouch li Britannia

    Lelouch li Britannia13 soat oldin

    Wait... 6 years in the water???

  9. sunflowerkid

    sunflowerkid14 soat oldin

    this is so sweet! i love this.

  10. Noose Me Up

    Noose Me Up14 soat oldin

    “The three banded arm- thats a cat… The three banded armadillo.”

  11. Emily Rubino

    Emily Rubino14 soat oldin

    Cool animals

  12. ashemgold

    ashemgold14 soat oldin

    "The movements of their noses creates intense negative pressure sucking the unsuspecting ant right from the ground and into their mouths." Bwahahaha. How did... never mind.


    Z4PZ4P GAMING15 soat oldin

    Half dicks ahhahahahhaa

  14. Jireh Zoe Cabrales

    Jireh Zoe Cabrales15 soat oldin

    is it my ears or his pronunciation with "TICKS"


    Z4PZ4P GAMING15 soat oldin

    Hahahahahha damn edit and sound

  16. Vincent C. Dicayanan

    Vincent C. Dicayanan15 soat oldin

    Never play with your food

  17. Kanha Sahu

    Kanha Sahu15 soat oldin

    You just made millions of people watch hippo and rhino ass for 1:30 minutes

  18. Vincent C. Dicayanan

    Vincent C. Dicayanan15 soat oldin

    Let Megalodon eat me

  19. You Me

    You Me15 soat oldin

    i love how i learn as i am getting entertained

  20. Jim Y

    Jim Y15 soat oldin

    since I highly doubt the mantis shrimp can sit still long enough for an eye(s) exam and I don't see him filling out a questionnaire how do you know how many colors he sees?

  21. Breezy Sparks

    Breezy Sparks15 soat oldin

    He pulled up to the hermit Crab's shell and took him straight out the bitch.... Damn nature you scary...

  22. Blue Wren

    Blue Wren16 soat oldin

    I am a veterinarian and I have so many reports from people who say their dogs have never been happier.

  23. Blue Wren

    Blue Wren16 soat oldin

    I love nudibranchs and now I love them even more. Beautiful and hilarious narration born from a deep empathy for the sea and it's little slug bebes.

  24. Some Body

    Some Body16 soat oldin

    I just realized that it's name is just Hippo but backwards. Damn it.

  25. Arcanine-Espeon

    Arcanine-Espeon16 soat oldin

    4:11 This is my third or fourth time watching this video, and only now am I realizing THAT SHREW HAS *HUMAN 👂🏿 EARS👂🏽!*

  26. Avzarathustra

    Avzarathustra16 soat oldin

    Intellectualsn of the Sea.

  27. Side Effects

    Side Effects16 soat oldin

    Anyone else feel itchy after that 🩸😬

  28. Maewa kaihau

    Maewa kaihau17 soat oldin

    me at 6yr watching this:woow Me now: wtf-

  29. ar43r

    ar43r17 soat oldin

    Mudskipper Willy

  30. matt tamu

    matt tamu17 soat oldin


  31. sonic1135

    sonic113517 soat oldin

    104 degrees F which is look it up on Google yourself Celsius

  32. M o t h

    M o t h17 soat oldin

    The butterfly on 4:50 took a bathroom break-

  33. carmichael moritz

    carmichael moritz17 soat oldin


  34. Freee27

    Freee2717 soat oldin

    this is really good when you're high

  35. Cingy VonBrock

    Cingy VonBrock17 soat oldin

    Easily one of the best videos you’ve made, ever!

  36. iAnony

    iAnony17 soat oldin

    "You can keep it"

  37. AAA-master-2002

    AAA-master-200217 soat oldin

    Goddamnit jerry!

  38. Roy Zheng

    Roy Zheng18 soat oldin

    Pretty sure the dead fish is actually a mammal

  39. Coy Z.

    Coy Z.18 soat oldin

    The ever-so-faint chuckle at 3:04 "no one wants to be borrelia dyrarirarai" I cant imagine what the behind the scenes on these is like. That brainstorming process.

  40. Devin Hodgen

    Devin Hodgen18 soat oldin

    The quote normal unquote got me good haha

  41. Orchids n Lyme

    Orchids n Lyme18 soat oldin

    Yes as a Lyme disease surviver I can honestly say it does cause the immune to go bat sh** crazy 🙈!!!

  42. DIY Vacation Rentals

    DIY Vacation Rentals18 soat oldin

    You would make the school system work again.

  43. Ben Anderson

    Ben Anderson18 soat oldin

    I'm going to watch something else while I eat dinner.

  44. CroccoDoggo24

    CroccoDoggo2418 soat oldin

    I don’t know what’s funnier “I have blurred it’s identity to protect it’s face” or what I am imagining what the blurred spot looks like.

  45. Mitchell Newman

    Mitchell Newman18 soat oldin

    Isn't this any liberal city.

  46. Necromancer Noivern

    Necromancer Noivern18 soat oldin

    thanks jerry for censoring my thoughts, or is it jarry? or jairry?

  47. Wesley Borges

    Wesley Borges18 soat oldin

    You sir, are hilarious and very informative.

  48. Phil Collins

    Phil Collins18 soat oldin

    It's always about the penis.

  49. Moon Truther

    Moon Truther19 soat oldin

    My sound was low on this video, so I couldn't hear it to well and I swear to god I heard "dick" everytime he said "tick" in the intro. I don't know if this means I need to stop thinking about cocks or if it means I just have bad hearing, or both. But I got so fucking confused.

  50. ZebraNeighbor

    ZebraNeighbor19 soat oldin

    Zefrank laughing is what made me laugh.

  51. Stephen Martin

    Stephen Martin19 soat oldin

    I remember those occupy wall street idiots swearing they would stick around until things were fair. Then winter hit. In the time it took to type this, Jeff Bezos made more money than I will in my lifetime.

  52. monster202

    monster20219 soat oldin

    Dude. You need medicine.

  53. Arman Anand

    Arman Anand19 soat oldin

    0:19 now teddy is on *DrUgS*

  54. Charles Bronson

    Charles Bronson19 soat oldin

    I now also am considering the value of my excretions. 🤔

  55. Lillian Collins

    Lillian Collins19 soat oldin

    I am hearing dicks not ticks

  56. Lillian Collins

    Lillian Collins19 soat oldin

    This is really dunny

  57. bellyisis

    bellyisis19 soat oldin

    “Told ya David “! ROFL 🤣

  58. Slade Darklighter

    Slade Darklighter19 soat oldin

    What in the actual fuck man

  59. dpd4 10

    dpd4 1020 soat oldin


  60. Luke Hammer

    Luke Hammer20 soat oldin

    4:56. That thing looks pissed.

  61. Luke Hammer

    Luke Hammer20 soat oldin

    One cheek spread fart 😂

  62. Jon Smith

    Jon Smith20 soat oldin

    You should get the Nobel prize. How many lives did you save during the crock-down?

  63. Someone In The Comments

    Someone In The Comments20 soat oldin

    Back when "the song of my people" was a thing....

  64. Official Shadow Samurai

    Official Shadow Samurai20 soat oldin

    Bro you ruined my salad

  65. HsD

    HsD20 soat oldin

    2:35 bruh this is some jojos stand ability type shit

  66. Ahmed Syed

    Ahmed Syed21 soat oldin

    Got me at backward facing barb 😂😂😂

  67. ogoj2

    ogoj221 soat oldin

    Crazy hilarious lol loved this mini docu! 💗😀

  68. shicalatina23

    shicalatina2321 soat oldin

    How do we know the real Morgan Freeman didn't ACTUALLY Narate this? The voice sounds like him 🤔

  69. Benedick Cumbersnatch

    Benedick Cumbersnatch21 soat oldin

    Dang. Now I feel like watching some AntsCanada.

  70. Alice piorel

    Alice piorel21 soat oldin

    2:46 bubbler crabs really be out here teleportin

  71. Rachel Roman

    Rachel Roman21 soat oldin

    Damn zefrank you so handsome when not affecting exopthalmos

  72. Maagi tuugi

    Maagi tuugi21 soat oldin

    uhhhh it nearly gave me nightmare

  73. •Ashy~Chãn•ツ

    •Ashy~Chãn•ツ22 soat oldin

    I'm scared-

  74. Jenna Leigh's Beauty Slam

    Jenna Leigh's Beauty Slam22 soat oldin

    Came for the interesting animal content. Stayed for the laugh out loud commentary. "I do not have Freudian lips- you made a typo!" "Don't do drugs........often." SUBBED

  75. FV 4005

    FV 400522 soat oldin

    Backward moto moto

  76. •Elinor DoseItAgain•

    •Elinor DoseItAgain•22 soat oldin

    Why did it sound like he was saying something else besides “tick” 😳

  77. Stef D

    Stef D22 soat oldin

    Now I'm all itchy and freaked out and we don't even have ticks here

  78. Vibe Wolf

    Vibe Wolf22 soat oldin

    Stay alive or get laid... 🤔