Dogs In Therapy

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  1. zueguesurfer

    zueguesurfer23 kun oldin

    Zefrank could sell me everything. I want to have those right now.

  2. Mary Julianne Tampol

    Mary Julianne TampolOy oldin

    1:35 Yep thats normal ... normal dreams... definitely normal...

  3. Markius Galfordii

    Markius GalfordiiOy oldin

    Keep it up you're funny and you need to get paid a lot more than you are LOL

  4. wkmtca

    wkmtcaOy oldin

    even the ad is good.

  5. Mama Petillo

    Mama Petillo2 oy oldin

    Back from regeneration. Re-liking. And I’m still a little conflicted about enjoying Ze’s ads...but I’m happy to be here.

  6. Joslyn Scott

    Joslyn Scott2 oy oldin

    Very cute. The cat therapy is better, but this is good.

  7. Jakob oksfjellelv

    Jakob oksfjellelv2 oy oldin

    I’m depressed so thanks

  8. Que serra

    Que serra2 oy oldin

    Ze frank-the best . First ones i watched were the spider mating dance and the what was it aye aye? Then a binge commenced. Dung beettle is deep

  9. George Hays

    George Hays3 oy oldin

    Golly is everybody sponsored by raycon?

  10. Helge Meff

    Helge Meff3 oy oldin

  11. Ryder Shadowborn

    Ryder Shadowborn3 oy oldin

    Was gonna drop a like but half the video is just one big advertisement and even though your voice gives me orgasms while I shit I refuse to give a like for this video. Good day sir good day.

  12. Varell

    Varell3 oy oldin

    Omg...we need a series of these pet therapy skits. They're adorable and hilarious 😆

  13. Nathalie Duverna

    Nathalie Duverna4 oy oldin

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I have to pee😭

  14. Aidan Salt

    Aidan Salt4 oy oldin

    Epic work there zefrank, the sponsored bit was so entertaining I stayed for all of it and liked the video at the end. Loving your humor, may the un slaughtered pocket fairies make your day just a bit more magical 😁✨

  15. MegaMonkey Blaster

    MegaMonkey Blaster4 oy oldin

    "Ow! Ow! Hon! Claws! This is exactly why we have intimacy issues"! 😂🤣😂🤣 I snorted beer out my nose when I heard this😂😂

  16. eric tristan Labro

    eric tristan Labro4 oy oldin

    1:19 geometrically impossible lol

  17. Forbidden

    Forbidden5 oy oldin

    zefrank, I've seen like 90% of your videos (I just don't dig the human tests no matter what you do), and I can't think of a reason why you shouldn't do commercials as well. I would literally buy most of that stuff, and for comparison with a regular customer, I have personalized ads turned off on every single platform that I use, because I literally never buy anything I see on an ad. Whenever I wanna shop, I look for myself to see the absolute best product for the purpose I'm seeking. Your ads are genuine (as far as that's allowed) and funny. I'd pay really good money to have you present my products.

  18. TRY to HELP you

    TRY to HELP you5 oy oldin

    Best sponsor spot ever

  19. TRY to HELP you

    TRY to HELP you5 oy oldin

    Best sponsor spot ever

  20. silver fox Norling

    silver fox Norling5 oy oldin

    0:36 what is this dog race I love it

  21. Silvia Sellerio

    Silvia Sellerio5 oy oldin

    Chihuahuas should never be trusted.

  22. Danny N

    Danny N5 oy oldin

    This is what writer's block looks like when you do 'true facts'

  23. Hydragon Z.B.

    Hydragon Z.B.5 oy oldin

    I find the dreamed that the Chihuahua had a little scary

  24. Constance Miller

    Constance Miller6 oy oldin

    "Why am I buying earbuds? The talking cat who humps a Papillion sent me here" demographic 🤣

  25. Shini R

    Shini R6 oy oldin

    Lol I watch these over and over all the time lol

  26. Leo Staley

    Leo Staley6 oy oldin

    I just want more of this.

  27. Ive Chang

    Ive Chang6 oy oldin

    I think my new hobby will be imagining comercials in the style of zefrank. At least for the next month to get me through the crazy times. 🤪💌

  28. Shiner Dryden

    Shiner Dryden6 oy oldin

    i love my dogs, but you better believe when i die, i am going to come back as one of my dogs & shit all over the house JUST TO PISS ME OFF!!!!😁😅🤣😂

  29. Lachlan Welsh

    Lachlan Welsh6 oy oldin

    Ohhhhh.... that was just fn wild....

  30. Bob Digital

    Bob Digital6 oy oldin

    Cool video

  31. Max Kim Lowe

    Max Kim Lowe6 oy oldin

    You should get fabreeze for confidentiality...

  32. Foong Ern

    Foong Ern6 oy oldin

    "So I squat when I pee, so what?" My puppy used to do this until he was three or four. Then he had an identity crisis and started lifting. 😂 Poor Afghan

  33. Patricia Garcia

    Patricia Garcia6 oy oldin


  34. Maria Silversken

    Maria Silversken6 oy oldin

    I actually enjoyed the commercial too. That's how entertaining you are.

  35. darrell beets

    darrell beets7 oy oldin

    i swear raycon doesnt disserve should be some loud as 9 year old promoting this bs.

  36. kittie kat

    kittie kat7 oy oldin

    That chihuahua footage was spot on

  37. MD Mahidul islam

    MD Mahidul islam7 oy oldin

    Hello sir, I m mahidul islam from bangladesh. I have a channel. I want to create dubbing bangla with your videos. so pls give permission to do this!

  38. Kalina Desseaux

    Kalina Desseaux8 oy oldin

    lmao YES the naked cat! gets the wrong office! omgosh, Ze, these are brilliant!!! XD

  39. ShayBae

    ShayBae8 oy oldin

    Ha! Get that money Z!

  40. Curt

    Curt8 oy oldin


  41. Moon Biscuits

    Moon Biscuits8 oy oldin

    Too many sex jokes

  42. Leslie Rae

    Leslie Rae8 oy oldin

    That’s the first ad for Raycon headphones that I’ve ever actually sat through and it made me laugh so damn hard 👏

  43. Sandra Yuen

    Sandra Yuen9 oy oldin

    Best ad to follow ever

  44. TrailJunkie

    TrailJunkie9 oy oldin

    UZnick is getting out of hand with ads.

  45. ExclusiveLM

    ExclusiveLM9 oy oldin

    This is not a video about Dogs in Therapy. This is just an audio excerpt of Morgan Freeman in the insane asylum where he lives now.

  46. H.L.A Solomonov

    H.L.A Solomonov9 oy oldin


  47. ayla Edwards

    ayla Edwards9 oy oldin

    Dose that dog have a lions main or is it shaved lmao

  48. Dahaka 4444

    Dahaka 44449 oy oldin

    Can we someday have True Facts about either babirusa or nemertea, aka ribbon worm?

  49. Summers Coming

    Summers Coming9 oy oldin

    More please

  50. Double rainbow

    Double rainbow9 oy oldin


  51. The Listener

    The Listener9 oy oldin

    and the ending.. Raycon has your holes covered

  52. CathU 500

    CathU 5009 oy oldin

    0:41 ... whAt-?

  53. TheRealMorningStar KeKe

    TheRealMorningStar KeKe9 oy oldin

    A Russian Wolfhound aka Borzoi. I grew up with 2 Borzoi bitches....well, spell check had it was definitely a butch.

  54. Maddy Carbuncle

    Maddy Carbuncle10 oy oldin

    Screwing with your own affiliate links for comedy is what I call commitment 😘👌🏻

  55. OverlordShamala

    OverlordShamala10 oy oldin

    Wait... that was an ad at the end, correct?

  56. OverlordShamala

    OverlordShamala10 oy oldin

    Stay away from the Chihuahua with the red collar... and his dream. He... has some issue.

  57. Treasure Hunting

    Treasure Hunting10 oy oldin

    "One time we mated a bulldog and a shitzu - we called it a bullshit"

  58. Brad Simpson

    Brad Simpson10 oy oldin

    Y'know, I never thought the day sould come that I'd have to thumbs-down a zefrank video, but I've also never seen anyone give damn near half of their video runtime over to an advertisement.

  59. Olaf Elsberry

    Olaf Elsberry10 oy oldin

    Why the fuck am I watching this shit.

  60. RRios0027

    RRios002710 oy oldin

    zefrank is definetly projecting himself here. he likes cat shit and wants to be the alpha in a bdsm relationship with a hairless pussy

  61. Bunny

    Bunny10 oy oldin

    How did I find this now and not sooner?! This was soothing.

  62. jac bisgood

    jac bisgood10 oy oldin

    like the content, not such a fan of the sponsorship stuff but hey, brother gotta earn.

  63. Steve

    Steve10 oy oldin

    Everyone is pushing these Raycon earbuds, the only problem is they're absolute garbage.

  64. Pia

    Pia10 oy oldin

    Pause at 1:37 You’re welcome

  65. asceticwolf

    asceticwolf10 oy oldin

    How has Adult Swim not approached you for a show?

  66. Constant Chaos

    Constant Chaos11 oy oldin

    Alpha ideology is utter bullshit

  67. Reaper411b

    Reaper411b11 oy oldin

    Frickin. Lovely. Lol

  68. Prism

    PrismYil oldin

    how am i just now seeing ads idk i’m gonna stfu tho because BRILLIANT

  69. Charlotte M.

    Charlotte M.Yil oldin

    Even the commercial is amazing!

  70. XxgalenxX

    XxgalenxXYil oldin

    *trust me I've sniffed so many asses I take a crap when I snezze* ... That is n-no-t o-o-ok-oky 😂

  71. Fluffy Home Girl

    Fluffy Home GirlYil oldin

    Best ear bud commercial ever😂🤣😂

  72. River Dreams

    River DreamsYil oldin

    What does a naked cat doing in dog therapy?

  73. mythirdchannel

    mythirdchannelYil oldin

    I even stayed for the sponsorship - and let me tell you, I am not sad that I did XD

  74. Aliearia03 Pleiadian

    Aliearia03 PleiadianYil oldin

    Have you ever tried to put a leash on a wave? Above & Beyond Calm your mind. Heal, Q

  75. Aliearia03 Pleiadian

    Aliearia03 PleiadianYil oldin

    You look like a cat that sat on a leaf blower! (I love Poms)

  76. Paxus

    PaxusYil oldin

    👍 'd #OldManPaxus Rating: ★★★★

  77. Jade Rogers

    Jade RogersYil oldin

    Anyone knows what breed of dog being shown at 0.35?

  78. Baskara Eurgava

    Baskara EurgavaYil oldin

    1:00 "Really? I have to tell you why I'm here?" With the dog like that, it matches perfectly.

  79. Kate Snow

    Kate SnowYil oldin

    "Strangling pocket fairies " 😂😂😂

  80. Kelly Riddle

    Kelly RiddleYil oldin

    This new comment section set up Blows!!! Fuck you UZnick!

  81. jeremy jozwik

    jeremy jozwikYil oldin

    Z, your are a master. Xoxo

  82. L Guaire

    L GuaireYil oldin

    He even makes ads sound good. 2:13

  83. Wreck Tangle

    Wreck TangleYil oldin

    Please type time stamp addressing dog familia

  84. CrystalOtaku93

    CrystalOtaku93Yil oldin

    XD the freakin “ya know she’s from San Francisco”

  85. William Calhoun

    William CalhounYil oldin


  86. Ruby Harris

    Ruby HarrisYil oldin

    First time I actually watched and enjoyed a youtube ad

  87. Thomas Lhamon

    Thomas LhamonYil oldin

    The add was awesome!!!

  88. Liuhuayue

    LiuhuayueYil oldin

    1:52 I feel that dog. Life is unfair.

  89. Jack Schmit

    Jack SchmitYil oldin

    You Raycon ad is well done! Bravo! I mean I liked the rest of the video too, but I like a add that..... how shall I say, feels like content.

  90. WhatAWorld

    WhatAWorldYil oldin

    He was courteous enough to put the ad at the end so we could avoid it... and he was funny enough that we didn't even want to avoid it. That's the gold standard, right there.

  91. Eko Soelistiyo

    Eko SoelistiyoYil oldin

    "Ouch, ouch, hon! Klaus, this is why we have intimacy issue!"

  92. Lanny Shearon

    Lanny ShearonYil oldin

    Very funny videos. 👍😂

  93. kid-does-stuff

    kid-does-stuffYil oldin

    Third dog in. What breed is that? I need to know for ... science reasons.

  94. Spluck It

    Spluck ItYil oldin

    Looks like a Bichon Frise.

  95. Christina Angela Mendoza

    Christina Angela MendozaYil oldin

    1:35 Will Graham in one of his sessions with Hannibal Lecter. It's also funny becuse it's a dog video😆

  96. MorningStar Kematch

    MorningStar KematchYil oldin

    Oh a Borzoi?! I grew up with 2 female Borzoi's, one being mine and she taught me so much about responsibility. I miss you and love you Kelea!

  97. tmacc

    tmaccYil oldin


  98. Gigi Pretty

    Gigi PrettyYil oldin

    Good thing Zefrank doesn’t narrate all adverts, I’d buy everything.

  99. michelle L

    michelle LYil oldin

    Your adds are even entertaining! Love your stuff

  100. Kristopher Prime

    Kristopher PrimeYil oldin

    "sponsored by these earbuds" (drops the "phone") "oops, sorry!" love it when a comedian makes a mistake by accident, but they salvage it into a good comedic moment.

  101. Bree

    BreeYil oldin

    ‘Oop sorry’ killed me I would consider buying these ear buds just for that lmao I love this channel