Human Test Regarding Your Creativity

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Lobby Time”
by kevin macleod

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  1. GrellSutcliffStan 324

    GrellSutcliffStan 3249 soat oldin

    I got a 23-

  2. S Crowe

    S Crowe10 soat oldin

    Some of this sounds a lot like ADHD! ADHD video would be hilarious 😂

  3. blubrrygams

    blubrrygams4 kun oldin

    What if a parrot says yes to all of them? Are they now human. Do the laws of the universe morph them to become what their answers demand them be?

  4. Steve Cotter

    Steve Cotter5 kun oldin

    5:37 🥺

  5. Miss Neona

    Miss Neona5 kun oldin

  6. Snublefot

    Snublefot6 kun oldin

    Yes, to many of these 🤨. I´m notorious for going into my concentration bubble and that leads to irratic speach sometimes when interrupted. I also plan and organize stressful tasks in advance.....probably to delay the pain of dealing with certain things.

  7. Warbandit100

    Warbandit1007 kun oldin

    I'm so glad i passed the test!

  8. DE COMP

    DE COMP7 kun oldin

    I’m trying to write a CV for a Mining job and I’m truly stumped as how I’m to go about it with out seeming like I’m blowing myself. Would really appreciate a few pointer

  9. DE COMP

    DE COMP7 kun oldin

    I had to stop the video and just say thank you so much for your contribution to this world of ours. Your humour,writing and narration are true poetry. Thank you, thank you ,thank you

  10. Jon Hogan

    Jon Hogan7 kun oldin

    I laughed until I cried and then I cried. Deeply profound. I wish I had found your channel sooner.

  11. Madison Williams

    Madison Williams7 kun oldin

    This is so odd and beautiful that I need to thank you for this incredibly human sentiment

  12. dHarvey FTW

    dHarvey FTW8 kun oldin

    I felt really anxious watching this

  13. Ben Hawke

    Ben Hawke9 kun oldin

    Usually because I'm drunk. 🍻🍻🍻

  14. phecto

    phecto9 kun oldin

    Well that 5 tests with no yes answers and they said that's the conclusion so guess I'm really not human

  15. Gern Blenstein

    Gern Blenstein9 kun oldin

    Should be called True Facts: The Brain Police.

  16. Alex Serdeliuc

    Alex Serdeliuc9 kun oldin

    No. I am a successful inventor and innovator. Years ago I created a way to ignore my creativity. Been improving the original daily.

  17. Great Frost Hawk

    Great Frost Hawk10 kun oldin

    I'm having an multi-media artist's existential crisis and shame now. I write, I watercolor, a shutterbug, a fiber artist... and I've abandoned some of these forms of art for years at a time and felt too discouraged to pick up those tools again for fear my skills have degraded...

  18. Xyxby Ish

    Xyxby Ish10 kun oldin

    I got 27

  19. escapee

    escapee11 kun oldin

    I'm glad to see that you found your "footage with a chain coming out of my ass" there at the end.

  20. DrippyEyez

    DrippyEyez11 kun oldin

    I always come back to watch this. And I always cry. Sometimes it’s a gentle weeping, sometimes it’s a wracking sob. It’s a combination of relating so deeply and being afraid that I’ll be stuck in this moment of loss forever. But also I’m moved to tears by how beautifully written this is. And the sad relief at feeling like I’m understood.

  21. Ingri D

    Ingri D12 kun oldin

    am I a superhuman if I got 20?

  22. MyAltdraco

    MyAltdraco12 kun oldin

    I probably share this video with new people (and send repeatedly to others) at least once a year. But even though I know what's coming, by the 9 minute mark, I always end up crying every time. It just cuts to the core and is so perfect.

  23. DrippyEyez

    DrippyEyez11 kun oldin

    This. I always cry watching it, too. And I come back to it often.

  24. CornOnMacabre TJ

    CornOnMacabre TJ18 kun oldin

    I have a Mighty Need™️ for a "Coffee with Zefrank" show, where he can just talk about literally anything and everything he wants to over footage of him making/enjoying coffee... 30-40 seconds of that would cure the last decades worth of my depression lmao

  25. Menos Problemos

    Menos Problemos19 kun oldin

    I am an owl and cannot comprehend human speech. But I related to the way you sound five times ever minute of this video.

  26. Allison James

    Allison James20 kun oldin

    Yes! I have 🤷‍♀️

  27. Lindsey Sword

    Lindsey Sword22 kun oldin

    Did the buttons get sick

  28. Deciding Different

    Deciding Different26 kun oldin

    i felt the inside shape of me once... that's the last time i buy toilet paper at the 99c store!

  29. German Drunkard

    German Drunkard29 kun oldin

    All of this is me

  30. S.S. Train Graffiti

    S.S. Train GraffitiOy oldin

    Thank God for these vids.

  31. Carrie Orta

    Carrie OrtaOy oldin

    The way your voice got subtly softer toward the end, as if letting us know that 'these are some hard things to acknowledge, but also hard things to experience, and that's okay', made me cry a little. Thank you for this.

  32. Peter Michaels Jr.

    Peter Michaels Jr.Oy oldin

    this got real

  33. Unknown A1ien

    Unknown A1ienOy oldin

    I only got 3 of them

  34. 9012phnx

    9012phnxOy oldin

    😂I loved the dad joke about the roasted coffee

  35. Andrew Perillo

    Andrew PerilloOy oldin

    You think your clever doing the ad yourself dont you. Well I just pause the video and skip ahead at least 30 to a min ahead. So ha

  36. Susan Becker

    Susan BeckerOy oldin

    Have you ever watched a video because, "hey, this guy's videos always make me laugh", and then end up crying by the end. That's how this video do.

  37. Justice Graceful

    Justice GracefulOy oldin

    Jesus christ the last 2 minutes made me cry

  38. Justice Graceful

    Justice GracefulOy oldin

    6:04 to 6:14 = i.e - have you ever missed the mark of what you were shooting for.

  39. seavpal

    seavpal2 oy oldin

    These are more signs of mediocrity than signs of humanity...

  40. Randy Jenkins

    Randy Jenkins2 oy oldin

    Man, I used to be really creative. It was always the thing that made me me. The thing everyone knew me for. Now I have severe depression and I’m not as creative anymore. Like the spark has gone out and the matches are wet. And it makes me feel like I’m not me anymore. I listened to the first half of this with a grin but the second (more serious) half really hit me hard. Kinda made me a bit emotional.


    BRUXXUS2 oy oldin

    It's a bummer this video isn't as popular as his others because I think it's probably one of the most important ones. Well, for me, right now it is. :)

  42. Natan Luiza

    Natan Luiza2 oy oldin

    Aeropress is one of the best purchase decisions I ever made.

  43. Rich Shirey

    Rich Shirey2 oy oldin

    Thank you.

  44. Ande Turner

    Ande Turner2 oy oldin

    I manged yes to 17....Thats a little too human

  45. bliss

    bliss2 oy oldin

    2:10 story of my life

  46. Amelia Brittain

    Amelia Brittain2 oy oldin

    Why am I suddenly crying

  47. iron shark

    iron shark2 oy oldin


  48. Șerban Andrei

    Șerban Andrei2 oy oldin

    Will it ever get better?

  49. MissManaged

    MissManaged2 oy oldin

    I REALLY should not watch these while already hurting emotionally.

  50. Mama Petillo

    Mama Petillo2 oy oldin

    So. Yeah. This video, would have saved me about ten yrs of stupit

  51. Kamylle Wright

    Kamylle Wright2 oy oldin

    Man I was not expecting to cry from this video

  52. Easy Diddit

    Easy Diddit2 oy oldin

    Did I ever expect my creativity to salvage me from a zefrank1 video by introducing sleep? No. Clever move, zzzzzzzzz...

  53. Maurice Steinhäuser

    Maurice Steinhäuser2 oy oldin

    it seems like i'm too "human" cause i made 21 marks.

  54. Carlos Vargas

    Carlos Vargas3 oy oldin

    Tbf, you *are* supposed to wash your hair twice. Condition once.

  55. Crystal M

    Crystal M3 oy oldin

    We love you and all your creative bits ZeFrank, you are hugely talented, sarcastic and see the world coloured with all the weirdest crayons in the box!

  56. Terry Lee

    Terry Lee3 oy oldin

    Have you ever listen to someone else expressing their creativity and cried because their words hit you so deep and gave you so much hope that there may still be good inside of you?

  57. I_boole 663

    I_boole 6632 oy oldin

    Creativity is neither good nor bad, it simply is. What you choose to do with it, on the other hand...

  58. Winged aegis22

    Winged aegis223 oy oldin

    It’s just my adhd sorry

  59. Charles Quin

    Charles Quin3 oy oldin

    I learned early on in life to not judge my work by others. It's hard, when I see such creative beauty all around. I always look back on my past works and rest my inner human assured that it is I who overcomes my life. I who create, by MY hands. And I am constantly getting better. Thank you, this was beautiful. And it will be for as long as people have it.

  60. Zethare Rey

    Zethare Rey3 oy oldin

    This went from "Omg lol" to "Omg wtf" real quick...

  61. Chinchi37

    Chinchi373 oy oldin

    Imagine this video with a happy-go-lucky background music instead of slow-and-sad.

  62. Sarah Coletti

    Sarah Coletti3 oy oldin

    1:15 so I'm almost a decade clean but this part reminded me of when I used to use dissociative drugs, like Ketamine/Special K or PCP/Angel Dust 🤣🤣🤣🤣💖💖

  63. Not a Fan

    Not a Fan3 oy oldin

    Thank you.

  64. Ryoku Y

    Ryoku Y3 oy oldin

    Well I only got one, cuz my attention span fell in the first minute. Does that make me a monkey?

  65. jā carter

    jā carter3 oy oldin

    WoW you ended this on a crescendo of greatness that squeezed my feels to tears. 💖

  66. Miranda Miller

    Miranda Miller3 oy oldin

    "If you answered five..." *looks down and sees I have 24 tally marks* Oh no... "You are human." OH THANK GOD

  67. iron shark

    iron shark3 oy oldin

    Nailed it

  68. Solum Blu

    Solum Blu3 oy oldin

    no never

  69. Conaire Parsons

    Conaire Parsons3 oy oldin

    I may have gotten confused about the task of this video. I know have a peice of paper with like a billion check marks on it. What do I do with this?

  70. iffypencil

    iffypencil3 oy oldin

    Is there a problem if I answered yes to 22 of them

  71. UndeadArtist

    UndeadArtist3 oy oldin

    I came here for funny not rethinking my life-


    ILLUSION3 oy oldin

    I scored quala bear. Did I spell that wrong? Tootsie roll.

  73. hala8660

    hala86603 oy oldin

    This sounds like a commercial for Adderall

  74. RunningSloth

    RunningSloth3 oy oldin

    After failing 4 human tests, I am finally human!

  75. Karma Justice

    Karma Justice3 oy oldin

    I should really go outside today.........

  76. Lone Raven

    Lone Raven3 oy oldin

    Talatoralari thats my new name i guess

  77. Life's a Joke

    Life's a Joke3 oy oldin

    Um, maybe?

  78. Mark Draper

    Mark Draper3 oy oldin

    I found out my creativity was only a free trial that had expired and I couldn't get the watermark off the good ideas even if I got the paid version.(made with Imagine-airy for Deskmate)

  79. Bonnie Brooks

    Bonnie Brooks3 oy oldin


  80. Raven Wolf

    Raven Wolf4 oy oldin pretty much all of it. sigh. if only there was more honey to refill my broken bear....

  81. Mr Morales

    Mr Morales4 oy oldin

    This was amazing thank you

  82. werh227

    werh2274 oy oldin

    I wasn't expecting this to reassure me of being normal. I thought this was going to judge me, but I'm honestly touched and surprised.

  83. Samuel Peinado

    Samuel Peinado4 oy oldin

    can you please narrate a book already?

  84. TorQueSS J

    TorQueSS J4 oy oldin


  85. Adeetard

    Adeetard4 oy oldin

    The only test you can pass with a 17

  86. F Jolliff

    F Jolliff4 oy oldin

    29. I am definitely human.

  87. Subject OR36942

    Subject OR369424 oy oldin

    Every damn time I had book idea and then the door opens and then it's work

  88. Psiberzerker

    Psiberzerker4 oy oldin

    I use a French Press, because it's an operation that I can do, before I've had my coffee.

  89. JGW 54

    JGW 544 oy oldin

    OMG I'm so there with the rough sketch that is impossible to recreate. ARRGH!

  90. A. N.

    A. N.4 oy oldin

    I stopped counting at 14

  91. satyrme

    satyrme4 oy oldin

    Does anyone else feel the bears 🐻 weight of depression, while the honey oozed out?

  92. Chi-Town Vic Da Man

    Chi-Town Vic Da Man4 oy oldin

    Buy a coffee press.

  93. Joe Dirt

    Joe Dirt4 oy oldin

    Only 4

  94. Paul Deddens

    Paul Deddens4 oy oldin

    0:46 Yep. A few years ago I pulled an all-nighter and decided to learn the hammer editor. Wanted to make TF2 maps, didn't understand 3D modelling yet. I successfully made a room that you could spawn in. Never touched that fucker again. It scares me to this day.

  95. cacauldr

    cacauldr4 oy oldin


  96. Aaron Street

    Aaron Street4 oy oldin

    Zefrank I’m a big fan, and my creativity has emerged in scratch art! ❤️👍🏻

  97. Ayyy Lmao

    Ayyy Lmao4 oy oldin

    I had five questions i didn't answer with yes, great content, what a journey

  98. IngeniousOutdoors

    IngeniousOutdoors4 oy oldin

    im highly, highly creative but i have Anhedonia. and these days my creative thoughts and ideas, as well as the love of my hobbies are all nothing more than that. thoughts and ideas and grey static where love used to be.

  99. Grayson Persons

    Grayson Persons4 oy oldin

    As a teen I wasn't ever afraid at being bad at something and I tried a lot of creative things. I'd keep practicing all these things until I got good because I enjoyed them so much. Now I have partially developed skills in animation, drawing, music composition, creative writing, painting, etc. And I'd always try new instruments or art supplies. But my creativity is laying next to me in bed and gets up 10 hours after me, then stays up all night when I'm trying to sleep. During the day it tells me I'm a lazy piece of crap and that's why doing creative things isn't enjoyable anymore. "Dead and wooden" is a perfect description and it hurts

  100. Mikey M.

    Mikey M.4 oy oldin

    I think this is ADHD my bro. I understood everyone😂😂

  101. Lacey D Sutton

    Lacey D Sutton4 oy oldin

    Have you ever had a child, then discovered that you can't be the parent you want to be, and be creative at the same time? 10 years and I still haven't gotten to the point of being able to look at my old novel drafts because it is better to just not go there. One day I'll be able to close the door again, and focus, and I hope the creativity is there waiting for me when I am able to listen to it again.

  102. Hip Dolly

    Hip Dolly4 oy oldin

    This made me think that perhaps Time was having a moment, an existential crisis itself, then I emerged from it.

  103. Waters Breedlove

    Waters Breedlove4 oy oldin