Human Test For People Who Work In An Office

For office workers only. Sponsored.
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"Orchestral-Ambient" :
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  1. archangel20031

    archangel200313 kun oldin


  2. HAG

    HAG4 kun oldin

    I learned to scribble instead of clicking pens. Helps creativity and stops the annoyance

  3. Jason Greenwood

    Jason Greenwood4 kun oldin

    Dude Same microwave as mine!

  4. Jsproisme

    Jsproisme5 kun oldin

    Looks like ima robot

  5. Kelsenpai

    Kelsenpai5 kun oldin

    He would make a great audio book voiceover if he could remove the mouth noises.

  6. Miss Neona

    Miss Neona5 kun oldin

    I want to be your friend and give you a hug someday if needed, keep up the great work.

  7. Chris Leach

    Chris Leach8 kun oldin

    3;24 the true leader of the new world order

  8. TheTuneAce

    TheTuneAce9 kun oldin

    I probably failed the human test, but I'm too lazy to go back through and recount

  9. Buckeye Believer

    Buckeye Believer9 kun oldin

    That recommendation for Stephen Fry’s mythos is excellent. One of the best audiobooks I’ve ever consumed

  10. Gern Blenstein

    Gern Blenstein9 kun oldin


  11. phecto

    phecto10 kun oldin

    I haven't even encountered most of these so I guess that makes me not human cause I didn't answer yes to any of them

  12. mike sim

    mike sim10 kun oldin

    I truly hope people don't live like this. Our office is really this depressing ? I only made it to the intermission. It's actually hard for me to imagine any place that has A-day people are excited about bagels.

  13. Chumbud

    Chumbud10 kun oldin

    I have failed all three tests so far, I guess I'm a lizard now

  14. Pheel Macababe

    Pheel Macababe10 kun oldin

    thank god for human tests by zefrank otherwise we might not realize we are human... god forbid

  15. Ev an

    Ev an10 kun oldin

    I need one of these for the trades to see if I’m human.

  16. Ev an

    Ev an5 kun oldin

    @Dionysus “have you ever felt envious of someone, who , despite your requests , still continues to take the “good forklift” for use with menial tasks ?” it would be so much fun to have one with that kind of stuff .

  17. Dionysus

    Dionysus9 kun oldin

    “Human test for people who work on a factory floor”

  18. DerCrawlerVomUrAnus

    DerCrawlerVomUrAnus11 kun oldin

    I know this is late but I think this correlates to this video: my co-worker left the company I we were working at more than a year ago and I left about 2 month ago as well, now we work at different companies in different cities but I still miss her every day and I wish I could tell her without it being weird. Like, I just enjoyed her company and sharing an office with her at my new job would make me more happy than anything else I could think of. Man, life sucks sometimes.

  19. Lovely Singing Dinosaur

    Lovely Singing Dinosaur11 kun oldin

    He's making us face ourselves and reflect on the human condition we find ourselves in... GET HIM!

  20. Erin

    Erin11 kun oldin

    I kinda wanna work in an office... Alas, I'm an English teacher, there's legit nothing for me to do in an office c:

  21. Psi Q

    Psi Q11 kun oldin

    dammit, not human

  22. Roderick Greig

    Roderick Greig11 kun oldin

    Please show the to every single graduate who thinks that corporate job they are considering being their step up onto a career ladder is, for 99% of them, merely a doorway into the first circle of hell into which your very humanity will be sucked out as you laboriously shimmy up the greasy pole of corporate promotions. Be smart and be lazy. Find something you find incredibly easy to do well, use your intellect to find a way to make money out of it, and look forward to a life with as much if not more money than a broken husk of humanity in 'middle management', but a substantially greater life worth living. Because if you have a sliver of a soul, you won't get more than a 'new build family home' (paper walls, micro garden, where the Hell's my house again, they all look the same?) and a second hand family car. Whereas you COULD have had the time to explore you're hobbies, get by well enough, and maybe realise that the corporate rat race is a mirage created so the already wealthy can laugh their yachts off at you all giving up your humanity so they can buy a bigger yacht. YOU don't get rich in an office, so don't bother. Start your own business, make your own money, and live your own life.

  23. Martin Colvill

    Martin Colvill11 kun oldin

    Never saw tp hanging to block the gaps. That was a new one.

  24. Allan Tj

    Allan Tj11 kun oldin

    5:52 in this pandemic? Not at all. I'm glad they're using the hand sanitizer.

  25. corvus corone

    corvus corone11 kun oldin

    No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no..... ad nauseam. The entire first part made me go: "Americans must be weird."

  26. Stewie Griffin

    Stewie Griffin11 kun oldin

    One of the many reasons I work alone. So relieved I've never worked in an atmosphere like this. But yes Thank God it's Friday .

  27. Himmelskastellan

    Himmelskastellan11 kun oldin

    Well I guess I failed as a human being

  28. ew e

    ew e11 kun oldin

    Wow totally human

  29. Stefan Nielsen

    Stefan Nielsen11 kun oldin

    they took my sprite awey it has been so long plz halp ;(

  30. Yeetan Gunter sphek

    Yeetan Gunter sphek11 kun oldin

    I’m either starting my own business or stepping in front of a moving bus, I’m not about to do this crap.

  31. Kerbal Kid

    Kerbal Kid11 kun oldin

    Starting your own business often means longer hours and harder work in similar situations.

  32. Asterizen

    Asterizen12 kun oldin

    This was a directed attack.

  33. Ahegaomemnon

    Ahegaomemnon12 kun oldin

    1:28 i don't work in an office but i can't stress how much i have done that, and how i have never really considered what i was trying to accomplish by splashing more, and don't realise that no one will even think i peed my pants because who pees their pants and then just goes back to work like nothing happens with pee still staining their pants

  34. Kerbal Kid

    Kerbal Kid11 kun oldin

    I did this on like 5th grade lol still remember feeling like a dumbass

  35. YouTube's Ad Hominem

    YouTube's Ad Hominem29 kun oldin

    no because its 2020

  36. EvaG26

    EvaG26Oy oldin

    Good news guys, I’m not a human!!

  37. Unknown A1ien

    Unknown A1ienOy oldin

    I got 3. I am clearly not a human.

  38. Julia Janis

    Julia JanisOy oldin

    Fish break.

  39. mariakisser

    mariakisserOy oldin

    I don't even work in an office, and I somehow passed this.

  40. Safwane Bartal

    Safwane BartalOy oldin

    it turned real quick from a hilarious descriptive video to dark souls narration.

  41. Nathan R

    Nathan ROy oldin

    Now repeat all of the above for sixty years.

  42. Sequoyah Russell

    Sequoyah RussellOy oldin

    Lmfao omg XD

  43. TJ Evans

    TJ Evans2 oy oldin

    Apparently, I am a human who has worked in an office. So many of those "ifs" are spot on.

  44. zyxwfish

    zyxwfish2 oy oldin

    When I get water on my crotch I go up to my coworkers and tell them I peed myself even though it’s a lie.

  45. NeDeS

    NeDeS2 oy oldin

    This this is what office work is like, huh

  46. Red Tsun

    Red Tsun2 oy oldin

    bro who tf cares about the bathroom part? I will violently shit into the toilet to the point where it sounds like I'm trying to start a v2 engine in there, then walk out in front of 3 people, say "ho boy I just dropped a fat man on nagasaki like it's nobody's business!", laugh at my own shitty joke, wash my hands, and leave.

  47. seavpal

    seavpal2 oy oldin

    If you answered yes to 10 or more of these questions and have noticed you've been successfully dehuminized by your soul crushing office job? Congratulations, you still have some observation skill left.

  48. MiniCat

    MiniCat2 oy oldin

    Have you ever walked a ridiculous route through a cubicle farm to avoid walking by that one person's desk?

  49. Johnwolfman Kelly

    Johnwolfman Kelly2 oy oldin

    Yes! Yes! More of these in different work environments please!

  50. Adam Lindell

    Adam Lindell2 oy oldin

    Dang my score is 1


    BRUXXUS2 oy oldin

    I saved enough to leave my corporate desk job in summer of 2019. I was so looking forward to working for myself in 2020. Oh....well... blew through my savings..... lost insurance, almost left homeless, and now rebuilding my business while on pandemic unemployment relief. Still worth it for me to not go back to that nightmare.

  52. Gibbyace

    Gibbyace2 oy oldin

    The "looking tired" one Hit too close To home

  53. Ann Carlson

    Ann Carlson2 oy oldin

    I love his videos and this is especially spot on

  54. Kilo Tun

    Kilo Tun2 oy oldin

    Not sure whether I'm laughing or sobbing...

  55. Suchismita Dam

    Suchismita Dam2 oy oldin

    I am a human!

  56. Zack Tan

    Zack Tan2 oy oldin

    Is it even sadder that I didn't experience any of these things at work because most those situations seemed so situational?

  57. grimeyIRF

    grimeyIRF2 oy oldin

    For the record, I only installed the power outlets where they were indicated on the plans. Talk to the engineer 🤣

  58. this is not the channel you're looking for

    this is not the channel you're looking for2 oy oldin

    oh crap I guess Im not human after all...

  59. Elena C

    Elena C2 oy oldin

    Nice to know I'm still human

  60. lewis osborne

    lewis osborne2 oy oldin

    for the first point the power is like that precisely to stop idiots plugging their phone charges and other crap in, generally at least in the buildings ive worked in sockets in floor boxes and the extensions that come from them are rated for a particular wattage and some cheaper charges and other plugs cant handle it and will blow and could cause a fire. ive seen a bunch of damaged or blown out plugs now. and if you were to burn the building down with something like that the company wouldnt be fully insured for the damages as they need to get every plug and outlet PAT tested before use and your cheap crap wont be on that list. also it makes it easier for the IT guys who have to do work on the desks to have free plugs available when they come over so we put them out of the way to stop you all filling them up with shit

  61. yacket

    yacket2 oy oldin

    The fish was genius

  62. Copperhead

    Copperhead2 oy oldin

    Holy shit, more than a year ago

  63. Crowicked One

    Crowicked One2 oy oldin

    Oho, looks like someone a quit corpo job

  64. tastes like stupid

    tastes like stupid2 oy oldin

    "oh boy, fun video haha office humor :)" *realizes I entered the workforce during covid and literally have no frame of reference for office humor* "oh :("

  65. Viscount Rainbows

    Viscount Rainbows2 oy oldin

    Have you ever ended up in a public restroom standoff where you won't poop til they flush, unaware they are in a similar psychic beam struggle?

  66. Kevin Kerkhoff

    Kevin Kerkhoff2 oy oldin

    I'm so glad that I'm not human.

  67. Gerg Guy

    Gerg Guy2 oy oldin

    How doesn’t have audible

  68. Goattacular

    Goattacular2 oy oldin

    This is why I love my low paying job. I drive for a living. My office has windows all the way around that can open, with a great view of vineyards, orchards, ranches, and rolling hills and valleys. I make my own hours, and report to no one. I have no co-workers. I get to choose the music played in my office, or opt for no music and just enjoy the sound of the engine as I decide to suddenly take the day off and go fishing and camping in the beautiful Cascade mountains. I also have no student loans to pay off because I realized quite early that college is a racket. I live a life of freedom, and get to see new places on a daily basis. Nobody has high expectations of me except for me, and I can achieve my goals at my own pace.

  69. Andrew Weaver

    Andrew Weaver2 oy oldin

    The Voight-Kampff test was a test used as of 2019 by the LAPD's Blade Runners to assist in the testing of an individual to see whether they were a replicant or not. It measured bodily functions such as respiration, heart rate, blushing and eye movement in response to emotionally provocative questions. interlinked.....

  70. Que serra

    Que serra2 oy oldin

    Wonderful job. So so good zefrank

  71. Lcoq19

    Lcoq192 oy oldin

    This is probably the only time in my life where I did not at all mind listening to someone talk about their sponsor, mid-presentation. That's how amusing and soothing Ze Frank and his videos are. That is how a Ze Frank do. 🥰💙

  72. Stephen Hutchison

    Stephen Hutchison2 oy oldin

    About 1/2 to 2/3 of these, yes.

  73. yvonne pandora meehan ypm

    yvonne pandora meehan ypm2 oy oldin

    When watching the ball point pen segment I remembered something truly horrifying!! I'm 67 years old and I realized that when I was in grammar school, at good 'ole St Francis Solano School, we used fountain pens!!! Yep those pointy ink filled disaster writing implement given to third graders to ruin everything within a three foot radius!! I thought I invented a little known way to "fix" a mistake...wait for it... I would put a few drops of bleach in a small container filled with water and use an eye dropper to drip on the "mistake" and like magic you would have a clean paper. The draw back is that then your paper is wet and you have to get out the hair dryer and dry the paper or you would tear it with the pointy pen!! Needless to say the invention of the ball point pen was like winning the lottery for little kids!

  74. yvonne pandora meehan ypm

    yvonne pandora meehan ypm2 oy oldin

    @Wendy Bendy So wait, are you saying that since you saw my comment post you were uhhh ummm compelled to go get a fountain pen and see what I was talking about?? If so, that's just so funny. Well, do you like writing with actual pen and ink? There's another thing about my fountain pen experience at St. Francis. And that is, when I first was using the FP (too many letters!) you actually had to suck up the ink from an ink well you purchased. The two colors at the time were black and blue. The pen had a little lever that was used to take your pen and use this lever to kinda pump ink from the well into the pen. Got a visual?? I made an error when saying we used the pen when we were like around eight. But that's not right, it was closer to ten. You can only imagine the horrible mess that was made with this ink and an eight year old. Ten was bad enough. Because that was when "penmanship" was a class in a class along with English. I believe the pens now have a cartridge that is just replaced when empty. OK that's all I got on the fountain pen experience. Funny, I loved the walk down memory lane! Oh I guess I should also mention that this was like 60 years ago when nuns were the teachers. So that adds a bit of flavor to ANY experiences at St. Francis. I should write a book. I know what the first chapter would be about!!! lol

  75. Wendy Bendy

    Wendy Bendy2 oy oldin

    Forget the invention of the ball point pen, it sounds like you just invented tipex I bought some fountain pens to see if I’d enjoy writing with them, I really do 🤗

  76. maria randolph

    maria randolph2 oy oldin

    Best commercial ever!

  77. AJ

    AJ2 oy oldin

    Reminded me of the "cracked" videos :)

  78. Chris Boucher

    Chris Boucher2 oy oldin

    Ouh the fun fact thing; hit home... and caused me pure fury.

  79. TheIronSavior

    TheIronSavior2 oy oldin

    Do people really use toilet paper to cover the stall gap? What a bunch of frickin weirdos

  80. ilove bigbrother

    ilove bigbrother2 oy oldin

    This is why i sell drugs, fuck all that shit

  81. Louard

    Louard2 oy oldin

    Why did some internet joke make me cry!? “A nib on your soul”

  82. Troll Hidden Cave

    Troll Hidden Cave2 oy oldin

    Me : guy who started his own business and works by himself I don't relate to any of this

  83. Dr. Limbo

    Dr. Limbo2 oy oldin

    I guess I'll have to come to terms with the fact that I am, indeed, human. F*ck.

  84. Ran Charted

    Ran Charted2 oy oldin

    Luckily, I do not have a lot of office experience. After got two masters and one docs, I became a kept man for 3 years after my babies were born and straight went self-employed. So relaxed.

  85. Starcloak Starside

    Starcloak Starside2 oy oldin

    Amused. This is what people have problems with? Have you ever felt the terror of a pissed off 14-ft-tall grizzly bear break into your camp and unloading your entire shotgun into it yet it still continues to rampage through your camp for the next 45 minutes before finally collapsing? I have. And now office work seems pretty good to you, doesn’t it?

  86. Leroy

    Leroy2 oy oldin

    Fun fact about myself: I hate this game.

  87. Yahshua mySovereign

    Yahshua mySovereign2 oy oldin

    uh oh..........

  88. The Man On The Mountain

    The Man On The Mountain2 oy oldin

    People who bounce the knees should be terminated.

  89. Quackers

    Quackers3 oy oldin

    I answered yes to 14

  90. Miguel Rodrigues

    Miguel Rodrigues3 oy oldin

    hum ...i guess I'm not human...or i never been to an office

  91. hartoz

    hartoz3 oy oldin

    LOL i scored 12

  92. Dominic Manester

    Dominic Manester3 oy oldin

    Do people put that much thought into their jobs ? I always see it as just a way to get money so I don't die from natural causes. Perhaps have enough money to buy a little joy for my otherwise empty existence and stave off suicide for another month.

  93. Jade C

    Jade C3 oy oldin

    The hand sanitiser one 😂🤣

  94. Fitz Dettmer

    Fitz Dettmer3 oy oldin

    I. I would enjoy the bottom half of a bagel. I usually take those. I also enjoy the ends of a loaf of bread

  95. Username Checks Out

    Username Checks Out3 oy oldin

    I’ve never worked an office job yet all of this is somehow so relatable

  96. matthew mullin

    matthew mullin3 oy oldin

    I worked for a catering company for 3 years. For all the people who only take half the bagel, I can assure you no one ever eats the other half. You might as well take the whole thing and throw half in the trash, because that is always where it ends up.

  97. Isendure

    Isendure3 oy oldin

    I have a weird feeling that AwakenWithJP is the boss of this office.

  98. Don Z

    Don Z3 oy oldin

    I'm not a human guys...

  99. Jopte

    Jopte3 oy oldin

    Offices are an abomination.

  100. Edward Collard

    Edward Collard3 oy oldin

    I even enjoyed the commercial.

  101. SamBLovingLife

    SamBLovingLife3 oy oldin

    Thank you lol

  102. uinsel uinselchen

    uinsel uinselchen3 oy oldin

    I failed :( homeoffice sucks.

  103. Vendetta 1105

    Vendetta 11053 oy oldin


  104. leesykate

    leesykate3 oy oldin

    I prefer the bottom half of bagels.

  105. froggie1

    froggie13 oy oldin

    Spot on

  106. SUFYB

    SUFYB3 oy oldin

    Zefrank, you should be an audible employee, with that calm, soothing voice.