Mating Dance of the Puffin

Let's take it off like we're on eraser duty.
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Caitlin Roukin: Female Puffin
Ze Frank : Male Puffin
"Puffin Song" Written and performed by Ze Frank
Footage Licensed from Shutterstock and Videoblocks
Intro Song; Tom Moore


  1. Boxeropolis Woofboof

    Boxeropolis Woofboof7 soat oldin

    Is there a zefrank video for the blue-footed boobys? Lol That's a nice mating dance.

  2. Horacio Longbottom

    Horacio LongbottomKun oldin

    The love dance of the Australian gouldian finch is hilarious too.

  3. Hope Filled Sinner

    Hope Filled Sinner6 kun oldin

    Ohh socks and bin liners that's what I've been missing !

  4. Kelly Brooks

    Kelly Brooks7 kun oldin

    I come here anytime I am having a bad day. 👋

  5. FloorWitch

    FloorWitch7 kun oldin

    What a fucking BOP

  6. zeaRo X

    zeaRo X8 kun oldin

    I want this as my ringtone

  7. Mr. McPhoenix

    Mr. McPhoenix8 kun oldin

    I’m bummed that we haven’t gotten a full episode about them. They’re my favorite animal. Fun fact about puffins. Researchers, to encourage puffins to land on islands for observation placed a model puffin on said islands. This is because puffins are social birds and won’t land somewhere if there aren’t others around. These models only had one metal pole holding them up so puffins are observed standing on one leg around these models to fit in.

  8. cynthia brennemann

    cynthia brennemann9 kun oldin

    Anyone else want to see ZeFrank do a True Facts about the Firefly series? Just me? Okay.

  9. Erma Whipple

    Erma Whipple9 kun oldin


  10. rachel fish

    rachel fish9 kun oldin

    I wanna see BOOBIES, like we're in a B movie

  11. Alex Serdeliuc

    Alex Serdeliuc9 kun oldin

    I am amazed how birds and humans share the exact DNA sequence enabling us to dance like that...When drunk, I dance like that but, no boobies show up... Deducing that, women are missing the key DNA sequence to reciprocate...

  12. mikey Burke

    mikey Burke10 kun oldin

    Zefrank and bill wurtz are on par with each other with there educational entertainment and wacky music

  13. robert presley

    robert presley10 kun oldin

    Whats that song?

  14. Kenny Hagan

    Kenny Hagan10 kun oldin

    Officially my second favorite video on UZnick. 🥈

  15. hdezn26

    hdezn266 kun oldin

    If this is second , What is first? This one is curious.

  16. TemikoChem_08

    TemikoChem_0810 kun oldin

    Caitlin's voice makes the Female Puffin sound innocent xD

  17. Lady Crémepuff

    Lady Crémepuff11 kun oldin

    Singing this to my special someone. I might get lucky tonight.

  18. C4B3RUN7 god of destruction

    C4B3RUN7 god of destruction11 kun oldin

    Is it’s bad that I danced and sang along with this in the shower?

  19. Rey Rex

    Rey Rex11 kun oldin

    Yo what heck she finna do with socks and a trash bag?

  20. Manton Just Does Things

    Manton Just Does Things12 kun oldin


  21. Sethrael the Bard

    Sethrael the Bard12 kun oldin

    All hail Z Frank. The closest thing we have to an avatar of the Internet

  22. nermalsturf

    nermalsturf12 kun oldin

    Anyone got a decent transcript for this video? The closed captioning is missing well over 1/2 this content (ir displays "[music]" during the entirety of the booby's bit)

  23. RAINBOW bright

    RAINBOW bright12 kun oldin

    I absolutely love the song💕


    THE BEST NOOB12 kun oldin


  25. the avian guy

    the avian guy13 kun oldin

    Just give her the beak now puffin freak! 😂

  26. Anthony Fanchin

    Anthony Fanchin14 kun oldin

    That song is so catchy

  27. Me Lord

    Me Lord15 kun oldin

    I can't believe I watched this with my bosses during our weekly meeting

  28. watsondna

    watsondna15 kun oldin

    Who could thumbs down this video? What is wrong with you people.

  29. Dr Bright

    Dr Bright17 kun oldin

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate that Ze Frank is unironically a good musician?

  30. Dr Bright

    Dr Bright18 kun oldin

    Humans would never make such displays for attracting mates...right?

  31. narmale

    narmale22 kun oldin

    ffs frank... you got this damn boobie song stuck in my head all weekend >.< it doesnt help i like disco... T.T

  32. narmale

    narmale22 kun oldin

    @ShadowsAndDust 2 i thought that too, but I think its due to him getting a new mic, much cleaner sound now

  33. ShadowsAndDust 2

    ShadowsAndDust 222 kun oldin

    I think there is at least 2 different narrators over the years of the channel?.. What u thjnk

  34. Vikhnesh AR

    Vikhnesh AR25 kun oldin

    Man this is amazing

  35. Rey Gustilo Jr.

    Rey Gustilo Jr.27 kun oldin

    Boobys... Yep..😆😆

  36. zeaRo X

    zeaRo X28 kun oldin

    I literally want this song

  37. Flux Filbo

    Flux FilboOy oldin

    I love how you show the word boobys a couple times during the credits 🤣

  38. Ealy Ehe

    Ealy EheOy oldin

    Im vibin with this

  39. Alisha

    AlishaOy oldin

    im doing a presentation in class for puffins and when i saw this vid i thought it would be friendly and add it to my presentation for my class to watch but after watching this nvm... good vid tho :D

  40. toad :D

    toad :DOy oldin

    This song is way more sultry when you listen in .75 speed =w=

  41. Sarah c

    Sarah cOy oldin

    Omg i want that puffin song as a ringtone or alarm

  42. Moem x

    Moem xOy oldin

    I'm seriously considering making this song my ringtone

  43. Polyrhythmium

    PolyrhythmiumOy oldin

    Alara and Foil brought me here.

  44. Kenny Hagan

    Kenny HaganOy oldin

    Okay, can't get this song out of my head now...

  45. J. Mora

    J. Mora2 oy oldin

    And that is how a puffin do

  46. blubastud

    blubastud2 oy oldin

    This Puffin got some stuffin...why do i randomly just want to see boobies like I'm in a B movie?

  47. TheDeepThought

    TheDeepThought2 oy oldin

    This needs to become an available track to purchase on iTunes.

  48. GoRyGuy

    GoRyGuy2 oy oldin

    Puffin relationship goals.

  49. Katai

    Katai2 oy oldin

    I don't know why, but I just love the way the female voice actress played that Puffin. She really managed to give that dialogue a lot of character.

  50. Ofthetree

    Ofthetree2 oy oldin

    Very nice video Great!

  51. osama shatat

    osama shatat2 oy oldin

    the dislikes must be Jerry's family and friends


    CRAMORANT IS GOD2 oy oldin

    new favorite song.

  53. ThatGuy WithTheKendama

    ThatGuy WithTheKendama2 oy oldin


  54. Pamela Mays

    Pamela Mays2 oy oldin

    The only time you can say boobies and not get demonetized.

  55. Art L

    Art L2 oy oldin

    This is addictive.

  56. renkar820

    renkar8202 oy oldin

    😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😂

  57. Pravan Buljeeon

    Pravan Buljeeon2 oy oldin

    Best documentary ever

  58. Mr Petaurista

    Mr Petaurista2 oy oldin

    it's best with subtitles... XD

  59. Charles Dunbar

    Charles Dunbar2 oy oldin

    "You.. mean.. to use while we?" "Mm yeah" lmao

  60. Darkvlogs

    Darkvlogs2 oy oldin

    God I remember jamming to this while I was high as shit in the hospital waiting to get my tubes tied last year. What a wild morning.

  61. Dr.Damage

    Dr.Damage2 oy oldin

    what kind of mental trip i've just seen? don't care, i love it!

  62. cosmicalley

    cosmicalley2 oy oldin

    The type of relationship I want

  63. Kurt

    Kurt2 oy oldin

    I've seen this video so many times and it never gets old it's funny and cute on so many different levels I'm sure the guys like super busy but I really wish you would make more videos

  64. Chris Ram

    Chris Ram2 oy oldin

    Why does the female puffin sound Canadian?

  65. Jhörbirn Lokrisson

    Jhörbirn Lokrisson2 oy oldin

    The comment section of this video is ..... a masterpiece quite like the video itself. I write this after years i made return just to notice the comments lol.

  66. MonkeyTennis74

    MonkeyTennis742 oy oldin

    Me too. Bored with life.

  67. Foxiepaws ACAnderson

    Foxiepaws ACAnderson2 oy oldin

    I really think ZeFrank should submit these to the BBC next time theres a Comic Relief fundraiser as I am sure they would be great in that context and get him more exposure whilst helping charity at the same time!

  68. Austin Long

    Austin Long2 oy oldin

    Totally didn't listen to this video for hours just for the sick beats.

  69. N Travis

    N Travis2 oy oldin

    Can you just have your own TV show already?! I mean damn.

  70. Bradley Miller

    Bradley Miller2 oy oldin

    This song makes me think about Pigeon John - The Bomb

  71. Edd VCR

    Edd VCR2 oy oldin

    Happy Midwestern puffins are my new favorite animals.

  72. Tyler McCann-Barnes

    Tyler McCann-Barnes2 oy oldin

    Wow, never thought I'd see this Temptations hit again

  73. TJ Evans

    TJ Evans2 oy oldin

    You puffin freak.

  74. john thompson

    john thompson2 oy oldin

    You were bored were you?

  75. Mary Brady

    Mary Brady2 oy oldin

    That is a GREAT Song!!!!!! LMBOOOOOOOOOO

  76. Liam Berthou-Lochet

    Liam Berthou-Lochet2 oy oldin

    I watched this video like a 100 times, and i just realise that when she says "wanna see some boobies?" She means the birds. The transition couldn't be more obvious, how can i disrespect such pun with my ignorance?!?!?!

  77. Caroljo 420

    Caroljo 4202 oy oldin

    I had that tune stuck in my head for a whole day!!!

  78. Likibus Knarr

    Likibus Knarr2 oy oldin

    Only Puffins disliked this video.

  79. Hannah C

    Hannah C2 oy oldin

    I legit spit my water when Ze started rapping. 🤣🤣🤣

  80. gabriel h

    gabriel h2 oy oldin

    "I always keep the odd numbers. They feel so cozy"

  81. Michael Lake

    Michael Lake2 oy oldin

    Why did I feel like I was watching a animal planet porno roll play?

  82. Eli Magnay

    Eli Magnay2 oy oldin

    Birdwatchers be like: 1:23 Ps: there is a bird called boobies

  83. Daughson Perkins

    Daughson Perkins2 oy oldin

    This on Spotify??

  84. nazufani

    nazufani2 oy oldin

    Love this! 😀

  85. Imperfect Purity

    Imperfect Purity2 oy oldin

    This is still my favourite song.

  86. mgabrysSF

    mgabrysSF2 oy oldin

    Wait ... you don't know how to spell BOOBIES .... really? What did you put in your calculator in grade school?

  87. zincbak warrior

    zincbak warrior2 oy oldin


  88. Jame Retief

    Jame Retief2 oy oldin

    They eat them there. They say they’re delicious.

  89. Dem Boyz Tassa Group

    Dem Boyz Tassa Group2 oy oldin

    My high ass coming across this at midnight

  90. Brittney Williamson

    Brittney Williamson2 oy oldin

    This needs to be merch!

  91. Sebastian

    Sebastian2 oy oldin


  92. Carole Wise

    Carole Wise2 oy oldin

    Tears rolling down my cheeks, oh lord!

  93. Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie

    Boeing Betty 24 Jetton lousie2 oy oldin

    This dance is used by Arctic birds and no near did birds unlike Antarctic birds

  94. emiliaolivieri

    emiliaolivieri2 oy oldin

    This one and the spider vídeos make me so happy.

  95. Lynda Stiefvater

    Lynda Stiefvater2 oy oldin

    Will this song ever be put on iTunes? I kinda want it on my phone. Thank you.

  96. KattriellaDoesStuff

    KattriellaDoesStuff2 oy oldin

    I just realized Pete is the male ostrich from the Ostrich Mating Dance video, and that makes this so much better.

  97. Which One Is Pink

    Which One Is Pink2 oy oldin

    I need a puffin lol.

  98. oopsy444

    oopsy4442 oy oldin

    You need a Playlist of just your music. I need that in my life

  99. karmakazi219

    karmakazi2192 oy oldin

    Omg that sounded so much like a Ween song!

  100. Rewind The Meta

    Rewind The Meta2 oy oldin

    Wtf am I watching

  101. Jennifer Seeley

    Jennifer Seeley2 oy oldin

    These Puffins had a cameo in Fargo. It launched their careers

  102. Jennifer Seeley

    Jennifer Seeley2 oy oldin

    I love bird porn.

  103. RGMerkel

    RGMerkel2 oy oldin

    Puffins, boobys and 70's porn music.... What else do you need?

  104. Respectable AF

    Respectable AF2 oy oldin

    No more weed for you.

  105. Toby Swolley

    Toby Swolley2 oy oldin

    I want new pants...I peed so hard with laughter