PetsTalk Holidays

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  1. Vinny

    Vinny2 kun oldin

    "Will my cat eat ny eyeballs" Is actually some quality content. The author is also a very good UZnickr.

  2. muggedinmadrid

    muggedinmadrid4 kun oldin

    zefrank should get a literary award for writing the scripts alone. a brilliant man and a brilliant mind.

  3. Kevin Reese

    Kevin Reese5 kun oldin

    It’s funny how I think of Christmas just like those pets 😳

  4. Immortal FAE13

    Immortal FAE135 kun oldin

    Absolutely LOVE these vids man! You are the GOAT!! I laugh my ass off every time! Keep rockin' it!

  5. Shirelin

    Shirelin5 kun oldin

    OK, I love that you mentioned 'Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?' since I fall the author here on YT XD Also, damn you for mentioning 'The Art of Racing in the Rain'. I started tearing up because of that!

  6. Lord Belphegor

    Lord Belphegor5 kun oldin

    Don't pull string or tinsel from cats or dogs butts. It can rip there insides up. Happened to my cat.

  7. WhiteLotus

    WhiteLotus6 kun oldin

    You don't get bloody dots when they're making biscuits on you, it just feels like a massage

  8. Kirochi

    Kirochi7 kun oldin

    First thing Audible does that I like.

  9. Scott Conwell

    Scott Conwell8 kun oldin

    A true look, with, or without pets included.

  10. Alex Serdeliuc

    Alex Serdeliuc9 kun oldin

    Awww, holydays!!! I think of them every time I write an alimony check. Two years ago I bought a vacuum cleaner for the house, since the old one was about dead. Knowing a man never buys a vacuum for a woman, because reasons, I was going to put a note on it with "from: Alex, to: House"...After hours spent trying to wrap the damn thing up, forgot the note. Sooooo...To make a long story short, got divorced 2 weeks later because I got a God damn Dyson, to replace the old one and, I now know what the damn thing really does beside annoying the shit out of me at the most inopportune times. That reminds me. We need a new dishwasher and this time will let the new wife pick one. I only hope the new dishwasher will look good wearing the uniform in the kitchen...

  11. Azure'Ra Morganna

    Azure'Ra Morganna18 kun oldin

    Do one about Covid from the pets point of views! 💜

  12. Patrick Durham

    Patrick Durham20 kun oldin

    This is creepy AF.

  13. lone wrecche

    lone wrecche22 kun oldin

    holidays... I mean yeah, it's like a bird... oh god that got me bad.. hahahaha

  14. Cucumamacacapipi

    Cucumamacacapipi27 kun oldin

    This was unexpectedly hilarious

  15. Deciding Different

    Deciding DifferentOy oldin

    "the classics, like 'the art of racing in the rain,' or 'a dog's purpose,' or 'will my cat eat my eyeballs?' " that's the line that made me scream! lol

  16. Jonathan Nelson

    Jonathan NelsonOy oldin

    So the dog and cat are married? Something about that seems wrong.

  17. EvaG26

    EvaG26Oy oldin

    Hey! will my cat eat my eyeballs! S/o to Caitlyn Doughty lol

  18. Gerald B.

    Gerald B.Oy oldin

    OMG "on the nip" had me dying. When I give my cat cat nip she starts running around I say "oh she's nippin hard right now" or "she's nipped out of her mind" lol

  19. Michelle Y Reisig

    Michelle Y ReisigOy oldin

    The cat can get through the holidays on the NIP...... I would have normally just laughed a little bit at that until the day I walked in on my cat after he found the NIP bag in the bedroom. I came in to see his face shoved in the bag and he was so "NIPPED OUT" that he was drooling & foaming at the mouth... It was hilarious..... UNTIL I found out that he REALLY LIKED IT and remembered where he found it & I had to police the NIP from then on because you can guess what he'd search for when he was allowed in to the room.... He eventually had to have a NIP intervention.

  20. Mary Julianne Tampol

    Mary Julianne TampolOy oldin

    I like how the dogs and cats are couples here its cute UwU

  21. photondance

    photondance2 oy oldin

    Dude. This made me laugh so hard, I could barely breathe.

  22. Ariella Butler

    Ariella Butler2 oy oldin

    😲😱😲😱omg the tensil lol hahaha 😆😂🤣😅😄😜

  23. Kevin Rickey

    Kevin Rickey2 oy oldin

    Awesome video, awesome video, excellent funny work my friend. I need a laugh these days

  24. Stéphanie Nepton

    Stéphanie Nepton2 oy oldin

    i 💞LOOOOVVVVVVE💞this guy, LMAO😂!!!

  25. maggPi Prime

    maggPi Prime2 oy oldin

    "Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?" Sounds like Caitlyn

  26. aaron garrett

    aaron garrett3 oy oldin

    You’re such an incredible writer. I’ve watched this video so many times!

  27. marishkaaable

    marishkaaable3 oy oldin

    So glad to see other deathlings in the comments 😁

  28. Herr Neumrich

    Herr Neumrich3 oy oldin

    This took a weird philosophical turn, all of a sudden. 😅

  29. Jean-Luc Martel

    Jean-Luc Martel3 oy oldin

    cardboard and dead trees.... DAMN THAT IS HARDCORE!

  30. Shahina Khan

    Shahina Khan3 oy oldin

    Ohmygod this is SOOO cool!!

  31. Jasmine Houston-Burns

    Jasmine Houston-Burns3 oy oldin

    "Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?" Coincidentally, I just recently learned this is a real book.

  32. Cosmic Cowboy

    Cosmic Cowboy3 oy oldin

    Finally AI found me thank you for looking in

  33. Tomato Trees

    Tomato Trees3 oy oldin

    "they decapitate a tree" omg this was so clever 😆

  34. Frisbieinstein

    Frisbieinstein3 oy oldin

    A work of genius.

  35. The Emeald Lapuras

    The Emeald Lapuras3 oy oldin

    Yha you can sum up the entire year in like 20 words but that all because people like you and Bill Wurtz come back to UZnick and thats all you can think of

  36. Kelly M Betyn

    Kelly M Betyn3 oy oldin

    Lol. Love this cat.

  37. Anna Marie

    Anna Marie3 oy oldin

    Yummy cat nip

  38. QwQ

    QwQ3 oy oldin

    Love the narrator's voice

  39. Michele Walburn

    Michele Walburn3 oy oldin

    How old are you? I think I've found my dad's illegitimate son that my sister's and I have been hunting for since we learned of his existence. My mom can't remember the name of the mother or the son and my dad died in 1997.

  40. Michele Walburn

    Michele Walburn3 oy oldin

    I say that because of cat talking about the Christmas tree. OMG you really could be family.

  41. Helge Meff

    Helge Meff3 oy oldin

  42. A Meemur

    A Meemur4 oy oldin

    The Catlin Doughty book reference was priceless

  43. eric tristan Labro

    eric tristan Labro4 oy oldin

    1:22 lol

  44. Kiki Howe

    Kiki Howe5 oy oldin

    Stupid ...

  45. Mitchell Lunafish

    Mitchell Lunafish5 oy oldin

    I'd buy any audiobook narrated by zefrank. Don't care what it is. Zefrank is the new Morgan Freeman

  46. Shade Valentine

    Shade Valentine5 oy oldin

    this was so unexpectedly wholesome, this is good, this will be shared amongst my peoples.

  47. Essboxx Essboxx

    Essboxx Essboxx5 oy oldin

    zefraunkwon? that bone that lives in an elbow? 😳 I still donot know y I AM LMAO fginn FFfffunny TY

  48. Essboxx Essboxx

    Essboxx Essboxx5 oy oldin

    Micheal Mc? Hi🙃oh chit. U n Bebes have floored my ass & LMAO STILL!!

  49. Olwyn Skye

    Olwyn Skye5 oy oldin

    The cat in the thumbnail could see in the future. 😐

  50. luciferangelica

    luciferangelica5 oy oldin

    so, all these animals have the same voice?

  51. noviceguy2

    noviceguy25 oy oldin


  52. dusty hedger

    dusty hedger5 oy oldin

    Thanx for the laugh .

  53. Ethan Does Random Stuff

    Ethan Does Random Stuff5 oy oldin


  54. toll

    toll5 oy oldin


  55. timothy davies

    timothy davies5 oy oldin

    you are painfully unfunny

  56. That Guy With The Accent TGWTA

    That Guy With The Accent TGWTA5 oy oldin

    That paranoid cat is me ... And when I realise I haven't been blinking I voluntarily start blinking a bit too much still I forget again ... I can relate is what all I am saying


    LKNANML5 oy oldin

    LMAO. 0:45 bit was pure sadistic awesomeness!

  58. ich meiner

    ich meiner5 oy oldin

    The tinsel story really hit home 😂 happened with our family cat when I was a kid. No tinsel in the Christmas tree since then...

  59. Jennifer Klopman

    Jennifer Klopman5 oy oldin

    This is hilarious

  60. GeoFry3

    GeoFry35 oy oldin

    No shit, the cat eating the eyeballs is a real book.

  61. Ddrenzo

    Ddrenzo5 oy oldin

    Reminds me of those adds for Friskies cat food. Deeeear kitten.

  62. Wash_Your_Fruits

    Wash_Your_Fruits5 oy oldin

    I love you. Edit: also I may be drunk. it's hard to tell when you're this drunk. But I still love you.

  63. Bobby Brooks

    Bobby Brooks5 oy oldin

    Really bad CORPORATION media illegally pretending to be a utuber Creator... all these people do is lie

  64. James Rountree

    James Rountree5 oy oldin

    @ 1:47 is that someone's (or the cats) weed stash??

  65. OG Austin

    OG Austin5 oy oldin

    Oh God the point about the Christmas tree... I've been trying to make that same point forever now.

  66. emma last

    emma last5 oy oldin

    why does this exist

  67. Coda Chara

    Coda Chara5 oy oldin


  68. Floyd Lee Mullins II

    Floyd Lee Mullins II5 oy oldin

    Lmao.. cracked me up.

  69. Lulu Lopo

    Lulu Lopo5 oy oldin

    LOL, I needed this!

  70. Allan Cornell

    Allan Cornell5 oy oldin

    I'm ok with this turning out to be an add. Well done.

  71. Sarah Coletti

    Sarah Coletti5 oy oldin

    Dazzling indeed! 😊🐶🐱💖

  72. MiotaLee

    MiotaLee5 oy oldin

    I like the idea of my pets secretly being really judgmental of me. Like, I one apologized to my cat for not wearing a bra.

  73. Bonnie P

    Bonnie P5 oy oldin


  74. L L

    L L5 oy oldin

    We put sugar water around the customers at work.. dress them up with iPhones..

  75. Matthew Show

    Matthew Show5 oy oldin

    This man can be an Audible reader.

  76. Inna Dubovyk-Gamez

    Inna Dubovyk-Gamez5 oy oldin


  77. John Matarazzo

    John Matarazzo5 oy oldin

    Spoiler alert Dogs don't like eating pussy

  78. spiralrose

    spiralrose5 oy oldin

    Dafuq did I just watch???? I haven't reacted like this since watching "Sausage Party" in theatres.

  79. Dia

    Dia5 oy oldin

    You should be reading books for Audible.

  80. Andrew Kender

    Andrew Kender5 oy oldin

    "Don't worry, honey, it's not going on the internet."

  81. CosplayCore

    CosplayCore5 oy oldin

    “A Dog’s Purpose” I love those books 🥰

  82. Ladybug

    Ladybug5 oy oldin

    It's cute till you get to the commercial for Audible part. Then it's just another darn commercial. I'm so burned out on commercials... good try, though.

  83. Matt Erbst

    Matt Erbst5 oy oldin

    I had 1 pet named Dodge who was wiser than all of these pets combined!

  84. MJade

    MJade5 oy oldin


  85. Sylvia Black

    Sylvia Black5 oy oldin

    Holidays are what you Americans call vacations.

  86. rneustel

    rneustel5 oy oldin

    Have you ever noticed how beautiful the eyes of animals are? I want big yellow eyes like that one cat.

  87. foxopossum

    foxopossum5 oy oldin


  88. pbr-streetgang

    pbr-streetgang5 oy oldin

    Too good. Hope you have the best holiday season.

  89. Brenda Brock

    Brenda Brock5 oy oldin

    I put my tree 🎄 up every year my cat 🐈 that passed away she would climb up to top get all the pretty shinny ornaments. I put the cheap ones on the bottom and expensive ones at top. My kitty would get every pretty one down they be lying on the floor when I came home from work. I miss that little kitty. She would sleep in bottom of the tree after playing with all the pretty ornaments. I miss her love her 🥰🐈🎄❤️

  90. Nami Cobera

    Nami Cobera5 oy oldin

    Omg I needed this laugh xD

  91. Sindy Simms

    Sindy Simms5 oy oldin

    Really funny.

  92. Merry Mack

    Merry Mack5 oy oldin

    Holy cats ... My eyes are tearing I'm laughing so hard.

  93. jay pee

    jay pee5 oy oldin

    1:55 Look so much like Lulu.

  94. David Poland

    David Poland6 oy oldin

    Just now, Christmas Eve 2020, this shows up. I am glad. My cat is with me on my lap during covid. She thinks she married me when we met, at mom’s place, because she had been her cat. After my mom died last year after new year’s, she came to live with me, and she has never been more happy. I am very lucky. She doesn’t expect diamonds, only great food and boxes for Christmas. (I got her 4. Shh!)

  95. Jay Sherrod

    Jay Sherrod6 oy oldin

    I needed this lol

  96. Your Other Self

    Your Other Self6 oy oldin

    30-40 seconds in " acupuncture, like getting a slow tattoo of just random bloody dots." What cat person can't relate to that? Too real, so funny.

  97. M Whitelaw

    M Whitelaw6 oy oldin

    You don't wanna be like a bald Egyptian cat. I mean c'mon Who really want to put sunscreen On a cat

  98. TheBollysongs

    TheBollysongs6 oy oldin

    Two videos and you've made me a subscriber! Please narrate my life...its dull 😫👍🏼

  99. KA Fleury

    KA Fleury6 oy oldin

    Yikes. It starts with a joke about something that's deadly. Tinsel doesn't go through animals without slicing through their intestines. Rarely survivable. Not funny.

  100. Dana Sandoval

    Dana Sandoval6 oy oldin

    Omg bend over to get a snack and suddenly my heads bobbing!! Killed me!

  101. Allison Bauch

    Allison Bauch6 oy oldin

    This is the dude who did the Whiskas commercials!! You are funny!!!! Tjese animal stuff is a hoot!!