True Facts: The Ostrich

Brenda...Where's my egg?
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Footage of the mating ostrich:
Jackson Hart Grady

Erin Armstrong (the pecking the cam footage at the end)
Adam van Casteren
(for the barbule image)
Three Ring Ranch
(for the Ostrich sound)

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  1. kynandesouza

    kynandesouza2 soat oldin

    did i just see that... i just saw that

  2. kyle gray

    kyle gray11 soat oldin

    The abrasive egypt overwhelmingly develop because wire statistically wave pace a clammy epoch. ratty, billowy brain

  3. Emily Rubino

    Emily Rubino14 soat oldin

    Cool animals

  4. Rick Schwab

    Rick SchwabKun oldin

    Imagine if they could fly lol

  5. xredstar303x

    xredstar303x2 kun oldin

    He must’ve unhinged his jaw like a snake to fit that egg in there

  6. FreeHomeBrew

    FreeHomeBrew3 kun oldin

    "If you speak hypernerd" That was gold.

  7. Connor Stimpert

    Connor Stimpert3 kun oldin

    Yooo the AT-ST joke 😂

  8. Jeroen Kerstens

    Jeroen Kerstens4 kun oldin

    Velocirator . 2.0

  9. csimet

    csimet4 kun oldin

    Floppy popsicle... sorry, I fell over on that one. LOL

  10. anonamous365

    anonamous3654 kun oldin

    fk... i speak hyper nerd

  11. HeyThere !

    HeyThere !4 kun oldin

    Imagine if you made a sock puppet out of pork meat... And you're bad at making sock puppets 🤣

  12. Janese Killebrew

    Janese Killebrew5 kun oldin

    AT AT if you speak techno nerd (I totally do) 🤣😂🐧

  13. legessi

    legessi5 kun oldin

    Why the oooosstrriidddgge? Byirds of the ground

  14. Kevin RAAAMAGE

    Kevin RAAAMAGE5 kun oldin

    Ostrich, cassowary, and kiwi are majestic and beautiful, then there are emu, the crack ostrich. They look crazy but God I love em

  15. Ibrahim Conteh

    Ibrahim Conteh5 kun oldin

    UZnick is going to far now you cant do or say shit. This is why youtuber loke coryxkenshin are retiring

  16. Lonezewolf Gaming

    Lonezewolf Gaming5 kun oldin

    I typed in on the web to see if you could ride them, and you can.

  17. Marc Williamson

    Marc Williamson5 kun oldin

    Tricycle in a mosh pit! Love it…

  18. Matti pedersen

    Matti pedersen5 kun oldin

    2:59 - I take it the housekeeper was a no show

  19. Dragoonsoul7878

    Dragoonsoul78786 kun oldin

    But Mr. Mrs. Ms. Narrator Person, Ostriches stick their head in the sand.

  20. Jason Clark

    Jason Clark6 kun oldin

    Imagine being a bird that can’t fly?

  21. WarPig

    WarPig6 kun oldin

    that starboy reference nearly killed me 😭

  22. vinny

    vinny6 kun oldin

    "Being a small animal on the ground was a bit like riding a tricycle in a mosh pit."

  23. OuttaGoodNamesDangit

    OuttaGoodNamesDangit6 kun oldin

    Let's be real: Jerry is indeed the MVP on this.

  24. Tessitura9

    Tessitura96 kun oldin

    I'm actually super stoked that ostriches can't fly. Imagine what that would be like.

  25. owl-girl xo019 of night

    owl-girl xo019 of night7 kun oldin

    I don't think that's a good thing either

  26. ProDr0xx The First

    ProDr0xx The First7 kun oldin

    why is youtube now censoring nature?

  27. soyburglar

    soyburglar7 kun oldin

    Imagine how awesome ostriches would be if they had arms, as opposed to those useless wings. And by “arms” I mean like, human arms. Or monkey arms.

  28. soyburglar

    soyburglar7 kun oldin

    So, let me get this straight...he does the sexy dance to get the girl ostrich, then while they’re boning, he’s still doing the sexy dance??? The hard work is done, my guy! Just enjoy yourself now. You should check out the video of the ostrich decapitating itself. They’re not the smartest animal.

  29. Mato Suhalj

    Mato Suhalj4 kun oldin

    I mean,swinging his wings gives him an extra push

  30. A Sad Potato

    A Sad Potato8 kun oldin

    btw if u didnt now wat the egg laying was it was Jerry with an egg in his mounth

  31. C B

    C B8 kun oldin

    A snowglobe willed with chile con carne... That's about their mental capacity too

  32. Trust me I’m A Plague doctor

    Trust me I’m A Plague doctor8 kun oldin

    Thank you for the visuals jerry

  33. Jose D

    Jose D8 kun oldin

    i did not expect the ostrich to get roasted lmao i got fed!

  34. NameBrandFlakes

    NameBrandFlakes8 kun oldin

    What about the kakapo

  35. Leah Bouley

    Leah Bouley8 kun oldin

    God big birds like ostriches, cassowaries and emus are terrifying, like I don’t ever want to be near any of them xD Is their a name for a fear of big birds xD

  36. Sean Rallis

    Sean Rallis5 kun oldin

    Ornithophobia is the fear of birds. While there is no term for the fear of only large birds, ornithophobia can manifest as a fear of all birds, specific types of birds, specific SIZES of birds, or birds of a certain color.

  37. Terraphice

    Terraphice8 kun oldin

    The pumpkin line went over 99% of people’s heads, but don’t worry, I spent 20 seconds laughing my ass off.

  38. Empresstwotails

    Empresstwotails8 kun oldin

    I'm def over that dark crystal comment

  39. platy paty

    platy paty8 kun oldin

    Can he just merch that's just says that how a ? Du

  40. bigraviolees

    bigraviolees8 kun oldin

    Somewhere there is a guy named Rich Ost in need of a Tru fact video

  41. Exidy YT

    Exidy YT9 kun oldin

    I will be seeing that 'cloaca' in my nightmares for the next few months, thanks for that guys. :(

  42. Click Beetle

    Click Beetle9 kun oldin

    I see that you did not spell ostrich with a capital D to avoid the fees

  43. Pepe Rando

    Pepe Rando10 kun oldin

    After all this time, I just noticed that "cloaca" was a mouth... Why God? Why do I have to suffer like this?

  44. Emm Lazuli

    Emm Lazuli10 kun oldin

    *jerry deserves a raise.*

  45. DustyReaver :Rebel:

    DustyReaver :Rebel:11 kun oldin

    no love for Emu?

  46. Bamela Anderson

    Bamela Anderson13 kun oldin

    Love your quotes

  47. harry mcfatterson

    harry mcfatterson14 kun oldin

    They end in two big-ass feet

  48. Brad Parman

    Brad Parman16 kun oldin

    No, really this guy is great

  49. Brad Parman

    Brad Parman16 kun oldin

    I love this guy

  50. J.o.n

    J.o.n16 kun oldin

    Omg the ostrich penis is horrific 0_0

  51. Endertie

    Endertie17 kun oldin

    Aim for the *n e c k*

  52. Lady.Valium.Voice.

    Lady.Valium.Voice.18 kun oldin

    I would pay any money to have Catherine O'Hara narrate one of these as Moira Rose.

  53. Luka Smolčić

    Luka Smolčić19 kun oldin riding a tricycle in a mosh pit. Im in stitches haha

  54. Chicago galaxy

    Chicago galaxy19 kun oldin

    Kevin heart told us everything we needed to know

  55. Ducky27645

    Ducky2764519 kun oldin

    Jumanji taught me all I need to know about ostriches.

  56. Lorens4444

    Lorens444419 kun oldin

    TierZoo calls it a "dinosaur strategy". XD

  57. diego molina

    diego molina20 kun oldin

    How the ostrich do is also how ginger and boots do.... allegedly

  58. Dr Bright

    Dr Bright22 kun oldin

    “Killed off all the dinosaurs” -This video is literally about an extant dinosaur Bruh.

  59. lagproduckshun

    lagproduckshun22 kun oldin

    Not gonna mention, that Australia went to war with them and lost.

  60. No time for creative names just for games

    No time for creative names just for games10 kun oldin

    Those were Emus

  61. Samuel O'Neil

    Samuel O'Neil24 kun oldin


  62. Immune

    Immune25 kun oldin

    I speak hyper nerd! Snow globes filled with floppy flippy AT-AT pork meat sock puppets!

  63. Clayton Baker

    Clayton Baker26 kun oldin

    "Just as a coda, one of the ostriches asked to read this. 'Dear viewer, ostriches don't stick their heads in the sand. If you keep saying that, I will stick my head in your butt.' You know, as I'm reading it, I feel like he might not have thought that all the way through. But at this point, I- I think it's between you and the bird. Don't kill the messenger." How did I miss this part? Well, I'm glad I found it anyway.

  64. Terry100X

    Terry100X27 kun oldin

    2:12 it's blurry because it's a japanese ostrich

  65. Cookie Cookie

    Cookie Cookie27 kun oldin

    no you're a Japanese Ostrich

  66. Chris Herman

    Chris Herman29 kun oldin

    I've heard that some ostriches are more attracted to humans, and the fact that they are giant murder birds with 8 inched penises makes it so one of the most terrifying things in the world would be a male ostrich doing a mating dance for you.

  67. PlanetMusk Vlog

    PlanetMusk Vlog29 kun oldin

    Been subscribed to you for over a decade, but somehow the algo stopped notifying me of your uploads

  68. gabriel h

    gabriel h29 kun oldin

    Man they could take Kevin in a fight anyday

  69. James Blundell

    James BlundellOy oldin

    I do speak hyper nerd thank you very much...

  70. TheTrueMathulhu

    TheTrueMathulhuOy oldin

    a shirt with "No Judgement" would be a good one...

  71. Gabriela Fabian

    Gabriela FabianOy oldin

    😂😂😂 this is hilarious

  72. Negi G

    Negi GOy oldin


  73. Section 15

    Section 15Oy oldin

    “The legs of the ostrich are very strong & they end in two BIG ASS FEET.” I don’t know why that caught me off guard & tickled thyn funny bone. I guess it was the way it was said with some umph!!

  74. Shadowhenge

    ShadowhengeOy oldin

    Shit, guess I'm a hyper-nerd.

  75. MrFokdieANC

    MrFokdieANCOy oldin

    Like a snow globe filled with chili con carne ..., useless

  76. Christopher Harrison

    Christopher HarrisonOy oldin


  77. Nikola Tovar

    Nikola TovarOy oldin

    UZnick isn't television and should not be regulated as such. If I want to see an ostrich make whoopie, that is my right.

  78. Sheridan Brassell

    Sheridan BrassellOy oldin

    Why the ostrich zefrank1 Jan 2020

  79. Núr Love VEVO

    Núr Love VEVOOy oldin

    I’m glad you listen to The Weeknd

  80. Allison James

    Allison JamesOy oldin

    Ok. They might be lacking in a few areas, but they have truly luscious eyelashes!

  81. Ferria

    FerriaOy oldin

    Lmao you are so funny!

  82. G89 Ty

    G89 TyOy oldin

    When he said "pouty" The more i see the ostriches look like Keira Knightly

  83. Seppia

    SeppiaOy oldin

    1:07 ..... I'm sorry WHAT? about the pumpkin and the kitten?

  84. Thomas Gladders

    Thomas GladdersOy oldin

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  85. Josiah Galicia

    Josiah GaliciaOy oldin

    I like the Dark Crystal reference. Clever one zefrank1

  86. Mookie Stewart

    Mookie StewartOy oldin

    Lol the weekend reference 😂😂

  87. Joe ROBBINS

    Joe ROBBINSOy oldin

    I love to watch them dance , damn thr hung to thats wild.horny ole bird

  88. UberKrassMann

    UberKrassMannOy oldin

    i do speak hyper nerd. thanks for asking.

  89. Gell

    GellOy oldin

    Zefrank the god of reality

  90. Den

    DenOy oldin

    "Main ostrich out of your league too ahh Side ostrich out of your league too ahh"

  91. Will McKinty

    Will McKintyOy oldin

    I assume that giant toe is one of the reasons you don’t see multiple videos of animals eating adult ostriches? 😳

  92. BaldGunGuy

    BaldGunGuyOy oldin

    After seeing the egg being lain/laid,I believe there's WAY more going on behind the scenes with Frank and Jerry than I care to know. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  93. Brad Lamb

    Brad Lamb2 oy oldin

    You didn't mention the murder claw

  94. ImmortalHerpDerp

    ImmortalHerpDerp2 oy oldin

    They do walk like AT ST Walkers!! Lol

  95. KwiwApteryx

    KwiwApteryx2 oy oldin

    I guess I am a floppy popsicle now

  96. Wuft Chan

    Wuft Chan2 oy oldin

    is jerry a real person XD

  97. Wuft Chan

    Wuft Chan2 oy oldin

    why arent these titled educational XD

  98. TheBrooklynKnight

    TheBrooklynKnight2 oy oldin

    But his Side ostrich is out of your league to ah 😂😂.

  99. John SirLancelot

    John SirLancelot2 oy oldin

    dark crystal reference got me

  100. Scott Thompson

    Scott Thompson2 oy oldin

    Fuck I speak hyper-nerd

  101. nitroglitch45

    nitroglitch452 oy oldin

    I love the Dark Crystal reference, and it's very accurate

  102. Ariel Novak

    Ariel Novak2 oy oldin

    Ehh my friend took that mating footage 😂😂

  103. Djenaba Sibal

    Djenaba Sibal2 oy oldin

    “Thumb in a pumpkin and still tickle a kitten” ... how did I not see this dirty joke damn

  104. FoddMasterZim

    FoddMasterZim2 oy oldin

    when i get home from work im gonna stick my thumb in a pumpkin and tickle a kitten