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Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation is the most recent contribution by Merlin Tuttle to the world of bats. He has over 60 years of experience as a renowned bat expert, educator and wildlife photographer. Merlin founded MTBC to teach the world understanding and appreciation of the contributions bats make to human beings and the world we share.

Through MTBC, Merlin provides an amazing bat photo gallery, up-to-date resources ( ) and responses to grossly exaggerated disease speculation about bats. ( )

MTBC is the only place to directly support Merlin’s work.

Photo gallery:

The Khao Chong Pran, Thailand story:

Bats and Agave:

Win Friends Not Battles:

Bat Fears in Perspective:


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  11. David Moritz

    David Moritz4 kun oldin

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  19. 34FUN: Regonas

    34FUN: Regonas6 kun oldin

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  22. Bad Wig

    Bad Wig6 kun oldin

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  30. Dark Angel

    Dark Angel7 kun oldin

    Hold up I don’t know that that’s for pollinators I need some of these bats dude I’m not even joking we have a pollination problem where I come from like because of the fact that we’re just now bringing in Honey bees like I need thisAnd honestly this man sounds like he’s very sweet and also a really caring and compassionate that right there makes him an ally of mine because if you’re willing to sit down and make friends with the people that should be your enemies I respect that because that takes a lot of that takes a lot of empathy compassion and understanding

  31. Dark Angel

    Dark Angel7 kun oldin

    That is hilarious educational and like you said wholesome I mean it was a very interesting way for somebody like me to learn a shit ton about bad so I don’t even know like I’m an animal activist and I’m never heard about this guy now I really want to like help himLike I’m not even joking like if I’m able to ask me to help him I would jump in a cave

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  55. Cheezitnator

    Cheezitnator10 kun oldin

    Another way to help the bats is to put up a bat house on your property. I heard of Merlin Tuttle when I was looking for organic mosquito control and found Bat BnB, a wood bat house that is functional and looks very nice. Too many people have an unfounded fear of bats. One bat can eat 1,000 mosquitoes in an hour. We should definitely be friends.

  56. I'mtheDime

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