True Facts: BatFishes



Alex Brett
Alex inspired this episode with his amazing Batfish footage. He just launched his channel in earnest - go and sub!

Barrett Christie
Barrett shared his knowledge with me, and is an expert on fish husbandry. His spawning footage is very rare and shows that batfish spawn in a similar way to some other anglerfish.

Javi has some really amazing videos on his Vimeo account. There is a pretty amazing aquatic collection over on Vimeo!

Ariane Dimitris
It took me a while to track Ariane down but her longnosed Batfish clip in so good!

LiquidGuru is a pro. Just gets such beautiful views into Aquatic life! His juvenile Orbicular Batfish is so well done.

Raymond Powers
Raymond came through with the feeding footage at the last second. It is very rare to see them eat, especially in captivity!

Thanks also to the NOAA, Barry Peters, Nico Michiels,
and Gilles San Martin for the use of their images.

Additional footage under license from Shutterstock.


  1. YouNeedHealing

    YouNeedHealing7 soat oldin

    sea robins look straight out of GYO

  2. Daniel Campbell

    Daniel CampbellKun oldin

    I'm a comedy writer and I love these. At least once a video I exclaim how furious your channel makes me. I have to point at my screen and shout how "I'll never write anything that good. I might as well pack it in." :-) 4:30 This was "that point" in this video for me.

  3. Part Stupid

    Part Stupid3 kun oldin

    This looks like it should change names with the Frog Fish... because that looks like a frog fish.

  4. davide song

    davide song3 kun oldin

    "matthew is a bad fish" ~yt captions be ashemed of yourself,matthew

  5. Adrekiyo

    Adrekiyo3 kun oldin

    why call it a batfish when it deadass looks like a platypus

  6. Dave Williams

    Dave Williams5 kun oldin

    3:55 Penis Jousting!?!?!?! WTF! I wanna see this!

  7. Tivian

    Tivian5 kun oldin

    They are some ugly fish!!

  8. F31 ///M Sport

    F31 ///M Sport5 kun oldin

    Nananananana bat fish!

  9. Sasha Arroyo

    Sasha Arroyo6 kun oldin

    0:25 - looks like the Grinch

  10. Riaan Shaigh

    Riaan Shaigh7 kun oldin

    Lolololololololololololol you are crayzeee bebe

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  12. Kaspar Hapka

    Kaspar Hapka7 kun oldin

    please make a video about sea robins, i got kind of nostalgia for Ted Bear from Cyanid & Hapiness

  13. Alien Lizard Queen

    Alien Lizard Queen7 kun oldin

    This fish is still better-looking than most people.

  14. Shiver [震える Furueru]

    Shiver [震える Furueru]7 kun oldin

    Everytime he says perv I’m ded🤣🤣🤣

  15. owl-girl xo019 of night

    owl-girl xo019 of night7 kun oldin

    Zefrank1: Matthew is a batfish Matthew: I'm batfish :)

  16. Margot Gulliford

    Margot Gulliford7 kun oldin

    Who hasn’t felt after Thanksgiving that maybe their mouth was too big for their rectum!

  17. Margot Gulliford

    Margot Gulliford7 kun oldin

    My grade one class loved the red lipped bat fish. Google it!😉😷🇨🇦

  18. ashley fisher

    ashley fisher8 kun oldin

    "Not on the surface like a duck do" caught me by surprise

  19. Patrick Earl Jhon Magat

    Patrick Earl Jhon Magat8 kun oldin

    5 minutes of bullying Matthew the Batfish

  20. Glen Robinson

    Glen Robinson9 kun oldin

    lmfao. god bless you ze! this sh!t is hilarious

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  24. Carolyn Talbot

    Carolyn Talbot10 kun oldin

    Don't Google "penis-fencing"

  25. The Mann

    The Mann10 kun oldin

    pseudobiceros is how you spell the flat worm he is talking about at 3:47

  26. Jeremy Ayers

    Jeremy Ayers10 kun oldin

    I’m surprised he didn’t say “bat-fish crazy” lol

  27. Derrick Huang

    Derrick Huang10 kun oldin

    Why do batfish look like the grinch

  28. Jeremy Holland

    Jeremy Holland10 kun oldin

    This is by far the greatest nature channel on UZnick...... No the world watch out Attenborough!!!

  29. Max Altenkirch

    Max Altenkirch11 kun oldin

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  30. Rob S

    Rob S11 kun oldin

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  31. Deputy Blunderbus Boondoggles

    Deputy Blunderbus Boondoggles11 kun oldin

    and if it lives... that is how it deuoooo

  32. Deputy Blunderbus Boondoggles

    Deputy Blunderbus Boondoggles11 kun oldin

    i can't say baby anymore I've watched these so much... its be-beh

  33. Deputy Blunderbus Boondoggles

    Deputy Blunderbus Boondoggles11 kun oldin

    looks like 611 batfish didn't have a sense of humor...

  34. TzadikTheManic

    TzadikTheManic11 kun oldin

    There needs to be a batfish plush-toy ☺️

  35. J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅

    J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅11 kun oldin

    Batfish Crazy

  36. Kristian Pahe

    Kristian Pahe12 kun oldin

    I am better than this. I am better than this.


    BUZZKILL WR18 kun oldin

    Hahahaha I love your videos good sir.

  38. G-Shawn Ar Rhmn

    G-Shawn Ar Rhmn21 kun oldin

    I think this is more likely to be called a frogfish than a batfish. 🙄🙂

  39. Marina Nieto

    Marina Nieto21 kun oldin

    Hey in brazil we call that robin fish "coió" like goofy fish

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    really loving these videos

  42. Nexus8846 Productions

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    Man, that's BatFish insane.

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  44. Jayvee Valdez

    Jayvee Valdez29 kun oldin

    they are called batfish because they were orphans and came out at night to fight crime in bikini bottom.

  45. Ryan Martinez

    Ryan MartinezOy oldin

    Neptune Toad

  46. Starr Blalock

    Starr BlalockOy oldin

    Pronounced grrrrnerd for the grunting noises they make

  47. Joseph Soule

    Joseph SouleOy oldin

    I need an entire episode on the sea robins. I have never seen anything quite that immediately distressing.

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    My daily giggles.

  51. Tibor Malinsky

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    The more you look at Matthew, the more trypophobia intensifies.

  52. Allison James

    Allison JamesOy oldin

    Awww. We can’t have scientists stop getting drunk & naming things or science would be so much more boring 🤷‍♀️

  53. Allison James

    Allison JamesOy oldin

    Matthew might have a face only a mother can love (or fans of grumpy cat), but he has very pretty eyes

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    He looks like he has chicken wings 😂

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  59. Michael

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  60. Maeve Elizabeth

    Maeve ElizabethOy oldin

    GOD I fucking hate the sea Robin. It just looks like a fish that got superglued to a crab and nature just said fuck it and made it it's own creature. It looks ridiculous and I hate it

  61. Germie Napkins24

    Germie Napkins24Oy oldin

    **NOTE TO SELF**:: don't eat while watching 'True Facts' 🤐

  62. Larry B. Lindsay

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    Hey zefrank1 How about a vid on sea monsters along the line of this one?

  63. David Howard

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  68. H 2ear

    H 2ear2 oy oldin

    As aposed to a false fact

  69. Blessed Bees

    Blessed Bees2 oy oldin

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  70. Arif Galih

    Arif Galih2 oy oldin

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  71. LaCane

    LaCane2 oy oldin

    The searobins reminded me of gyo and once he said the word fart a little after i had a minor ptsd attack

  72. James Wolf

    James Wolf2 oy oldin

    3:43 I found it! Pseudobiceros Hancockanus

  73. Ben Wil

    Ben Wil2 oy oldin

    Ahhh...its so nice being in the ocean ..way down here with my funny talkin guide and theese freaks of nature,than up there "☝" with all thoose wacky "people" 🙃

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    I like how the end has great relationship advice hahha

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  91. Matt Osborne

    Matt Osborne2 oy oldin

    "This the story of a man named Stanley"

  92. Essboxx Essboxx

    Essboxx Essboxx2 oy oldin

    Hi ze, im wondering have you and colleagues have a butterfly show? Im greatful for ya'lls hard work and GREAT UNMATCHED HUMOROUS & TEACHABLE /LEARNABILITY shows. ILK (i love knowledge) hmm avatar..

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  96. Mjmannella

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    Pseudobiceros hancockanus if anyone's wondering

  97. Luke Cy

    Luke Cy2 oy oldin

    I wanna transplant these guys to a habitable planet with no land vertebrates and check back in on them every ten million years or so

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