True Facts: Stinkhorns

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Dr. Kathie T. Hodge - Dr. Hodge was kind enough to spend time with me on the phone walking me through the incredible complexity of these creatures. She also granted me permission to use the Cornell time lapse footage.

Stephen Thornton - - Stephen has captured amazing time lapses of the stinkhorn and it is very worthwhile to go to his channel and see them in their full glory.

@freymanbg - freymanbg - amazing instagram featuring all sort of fungus and mushrooms.

Gio Lopez - - Gio has a channel called Myco Gio on which he goes into lovely detail about mycology. His explanation of the stinkhorn was extremely helpful - as was the amazing footage.

Cathy Whitfield - - Cathy is an amazing photographer and happened to train her eye on a stinkhorn egg!

Rudi Langer - - Also a wonderful collection of colorful photography!

Björn S... - - a wonderful collection of microscopy and wildlife!

@mugrooms - mugrooms - Pictures of mushrooms and other fungi, as well as the occasional slime mold.

Kent Loeffler - Kent was the original photographer for the Cornell timelapse!

Jason Hollinger - - Incredible images of Lichen and other wonders.

Arne Christensen - - wonderful collection of biology time-lapse and human anatomy.

David Noble - - a traveler and wonderful videographer

Bernard Spragg - - incredible photos, some of which Bernard has offered into the public domain

Peter Kuttner - - channel featuring all sorts of biodiversity!

@bealeiderman - bealeiderman - a collection of images that show the magic in your backyard!

@myceliummagic - myceliummagic - adventures in the Australian rainforests!

@mushrooms_inigo - mushrooms_i... - featuring the mushrooms of Spain!

if you have footage you would like to donate please contact me at

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  1. Phil Collins

    Phil Collins6 soat oldin

    Bukkake stinkhorn

  2. Cingy VonBrock

    Cingy VonBrock16 soat oldin

    Easily one of the best videos you’ve made, ever!

  3. Orphan Slayer

    Orphan SlayerKun oldin


  4. cyclo1224

    cyclo1224Kun oldin

    Fungi is wild uh.

  5. internallogic

    internallogicKun oldin

    I have trypophobia. This almost makes me want to barf.

  6. Kate Hagi

    Kate Hagi2 kun oldin

    Pennies... and quarters

  7. Marcus S

    Marcus S2 kun oldin

    Someone ego isn’t me, grew Edible (legal!) mushrooms & Jesus the speed at which pins grow out of mycelium is AMAZING if u ate only familiar to plant growth!

  8. NeoGence

    NeoGence2 kun oldin

    I just heard metal referring to a fly and now I know what the next spiderman villian will be

  9. A *

    A *3 kun oldin

    I don’t get it lol which mushroom was it? Clearly not the in the beginning

  10. Jonathon Parson

    Jonathon Parson3 kun oldin

    Oh god my stomach

  11. boomblaster kjjj

    boomblaster kjjj3 kun oldin

    Why Why did I click on this video while I was eating

  12. Blurry_morningstar136

    Blurry_morningstar1364 kun oldin

    "If it comes to you first Jerry just spit it out"...xD I'm dying

  13. Texas Red

    Texas Red4 kun oldin

    okay, but what was the giant monster mouth sphere at the beginning

  14. panem et circenses

    panem et circenses4 kun oldin

    Eh needs more dick jokes...😜

  15. WickedBeats

    WickedBeats4 kun oldin

    Man I laughed so hard wasn’t expecting that at all

  16. Mark Parent

    Mark Parent5 kun oldin


  17. Dark Bionic

    Dark Bionic5 kun oldin

    Mucho trabajo for our beautiful nature

  18. maricapaye

    maricapaye5 kun oldin

    I had that in .y yard

  19. Jourdan Horton

    Jourdan Horton5 kun oldin

    Oooo the puns!!!

  20. Count Shaman

    Count Shaman5 kun oldin

    I can't take this mushroom seriously when one of them snapped in half as it grows. The rest I took seriously enough though.


    JOHN PAUL ASIS6 kun oldin

    spore bebie's

  22. Jenn Mari

    Jenn Mari7 kun oldin

    I do believe icould love you. Lol

  23. owl-girl xo019 of night

    owl-girl xo019 of night7 kun oldin

    Just call it the pen is stinkhorn mushroom

  24. owl-girl xo019 of night

    owl-girl xo019 of night7 kun oldin

    Elsa the red cage stinkhorn mushroom is here

  25. Ginna Danny

    Ginna Danny8 kun oldin

    Hmm 🤔

  26. beavis847

    beavis8478 kun oldin

    It’s like watching the making of a plumbus 😂

  27. Naomi

    Naomi8 kun oldin

    Jerry, no!

  28. King Masterlord

    King Masterlord9 kun oldin

    Elsa is from the Nether

  29. Snotty McSnot dragger

    Snotty McSnot dragger9 kun oldin

    I need to cure my mycophobia by watching this

  30. Muhammad Alva Reza Fannani

    Muhammad Alva Reza Fannani9 kun oldin

    if you never seen an stinkhorn before, heres a clip of a kitten an puppy best quote of the day

  31. Shadowpastcool

    Shadowpastcool10 kun oldin

    For a moment the stink horn "fruit" looked like a Graboid, personally

  32. Sean Wilkinson

    Sean Wilkinson11 kun oldin

    Fungi are equal parts horrifying and amazing, have a mix of eye-pleasing and repulsive features, like the lacy tendrils dangling from the stinkhorn's penile head, and you'll want to preserve the structures and colors for posterity, all the while wishing God would drop an old flammenwerfer full of fuel onto your lap to flash-fry those mycelium threads before they wake up Cthulhu.

  33. Tina Pitts

    Tina Pitts15 kun oldin

    What the hell am I watching???

  34. Bobo with the Dodo

    Bobo with the Dodo16 kun oldin

    Sirrr, give me that fungus, NOWWWW

  35. KnightWolf

    KnightWolf16 kun oldin


  36. Damian Silvers

    Damian Silvers17 kun oldin

    "Can break through concrete" A few seconds later Buckles under own weight*

  37. YouNeedHealing

    YouNeedHealing7 soat oldin

    being able to support weight and exert force are too different things

  38. Gfan 2000

    Gfan 200018 kun oldin

    Reeeeeaaaaaallllly didn’t need the phrase “fleshy origami” in my life.

  39. Toby Possum

    Toby Possum20 kun oldin

    Please do more mushrooms

  40. Morty C-134

    Morty C-13423 kun oldin

    Stinkhorn got me down bad 😩🤚🏻

  41. Melissa Morris

    Melissa Morris24 kun oldin

    Lemme tell you these things REALLY stink. The name is not a joke.

  42. Nathan Medwin

    Nathan Medwin24 kun oldin

  43. Gods March

    Gods March25 kun oldin

    This is a pervy mushroom .lol😂

  44. Aastha Maskey

    Aastha Maskey27 kun oldin

    Emma's first word was "Gleba"


    DOOMZEDAY27 kun oldin

    Yeah what good little dirty stink horn

  46. Random Dudeguy

    Random DudeguyOy oldin

    You NEED to make a True Facts about the flying saltshakers of death, the cicadas taken over by parasitic fungi that produces amphetamine AND psilocybin to keep them tripping too hard to realize that half their bodies fell off and all that humping is doing is spreading the spores!!!!

  47. minhthu vũ

    minhthu vũOy oldin

    It's not poisonous but I don't like to eat it

  48. Sumanai

    SumanaiOy oldin

    PP mushroom

  49. Allison James

    Allison JamesOy oldin

    Ah Frank. You just never really grew up did you 🤦‍♀️. Lucky you’re hilarious & impart some science at the same time as giggling about naughty bits

  50. Ze Mocha

    Ze MochaOy oldin

    A "pen is" useful. Clever play on that, Ze. Haha

  51. Addicted2wowlulz

    Addicted2wowlulzOy oldin

    Stinkhorn, Gliba .... am i watching a Rick and Morty episode ? :D

  52. Miss Shroom

    Miss ShroomOy oldin

    Found my first stinkhorns last year.... Very stinky but super cool

  53. K D

    K DOy oldin

    The. World. Is. Weird.

  54. Voxel the Glitch and Retro Mech

    Voxel the Glitch and Retro MechOy oldin

    One of these mushrooms are the octopus stinkhorn.

  55. Art Castro

    Art CastroOy oldin

    Byurd will never get old

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    CraftykitOy oldin

    I want the round planet series continued with zfrank working on it

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    OfthetreeOy oldin

    0:46 "The Puffball for instance needs a little squeeze... Oops! (chuckles)". Ha ha ha!

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    Eris SummerOy oldin

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  59. Kiro`s Den of gaming

    Kiro`s Den of gamingOy oldin

    these shrooms look like something out of "the thing" one of the good ones tho, with an 18 year old with the most gorey mind making the practical effects, not the one with bad CGI.

  60. sharon olsen

    sharon olsenOy oldin

    Literally ill in my stomach... ugh .. and yet I continue to watch........................ : /

  61. MadNinjaGirl

    MadNinjaGirlOy oldin

    You know, if you cant put your finger on it, you should just sit on it. In fact, if you sit on it, often times it comes to you in the most unexpected and sudden of ways.

  62. Prateek Srivastava

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    Gleeba: Friends

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  66. S C

    S COy oldin

    Why do these things exist?

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    Sip of SunkistOy oldin

    2:42 holy shit xD

  68. Latios _Conga

    Latios _CongaOy oldin

    fun fact: koalas are the best mothers because they will carry their Joey's for about a year and they will fight to the death to protect their children unlike the quokka that drops their baby out of the pouch to get away from a predator

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    kittycat kibble2 oy oldin

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    Beluong Jonathan2 oy oldin

    So its like an aphrodisiac or is it derived from this shroom

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    Oranjmuse Meyer2 oy oldin

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    Fisby Gilespi2 oy oldin

    Me: this is nice and informative....I’ll show this to my kiiiiiioooooohhhh never mind.

  74. Mark

    Mark2 oy oldin

    Calling the odour a scent is being a tad on the nice side, a putrid stench would be more my description!

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    Phuck Hugh2 oy oldin

    Love how he says bebes

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    Loren Holmes2 oy oldin

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  78. Snowed Whisper

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    simon ellerbroek2 oy oldin

    I'm gonna be 'that guy' This narrator pisses me off, the jokes are cringey as fuck.

  80. SpenGrimShark

    SpenGrimShark2 oy oldin

    anyone else thought he was taking about grabloid from tremor at 1:50 only to realize its frank and realize what he actually meant?

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  82. Onesowndemon

    Onesowndemon2 oy oldin

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  83. One_Bad_Mofo 86

    One_Bad_Mofo 862 oy oldin

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    I am Mote2 oy oldin

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