True Facts: Freaky Nudibranchs

Cuz the ocean is weird.
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written and voiced by Ze Frank

Special thanks to Soledad Callo and David Young at Victoria High for the veliger footage that were mistakenly attributed to Dr. Page. Very sorry for the mix up!

thanks to Patreon supporter Sydney Brown for the Pikachu Swiffer line that she left in a comment. Join the community! It's fun!

Hal Brindley:
Hal has an amazing vid of a botfly on his channel... sooooo gross.

Dr. Jeffrey Goddard: Marine Science Institute, UCSB; Midland School
William Goddard: Midland School
Dr. Goddard and his son were very generous with their time and footage! Gave me some great notes so I didn't get my facts bungled!

Dr. Jamie Seymour: Tropical Australian Stinger
Research Unit (TASRU)
Dr. Seymour has captured some of the most remarkable footage of nematocysts firing I have ever seen. Ptowwww.

Bocas Del Toro Research Station

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
Thank you to the Smithsonian and to Dr. Maria Pia Miglietta for the wonderful image of the unexploded nematocyst.

Dr. Louise Page :
University of Victoria

Dr. Page's footage of the veligers (Melibe) were a lifesaver. I wish I had more time to spend on their fantastic lifecycle.

Dr. Leslie S Babonis
: Whitney Laboratory for Marine
Dr.Babonis has the coolest job. Firing lasers to trigger nematocyst firing!

Phil Lemley
Phil was so generous to allow me the use of his attacking rainbow nudi...yeah the proctologist...

Dr. Marta Pola Perez
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Dr.Perez has looked at the possibility of self fertilization in Nudis - and you never know!

Costasiella footage courtesy of David Palfrey/Hydra Productions Film, Photo and Training, Indonesia @hydra.underwater
David let me use his Shaun the Sheep slug footage, which is really some of the best footage I have seen of this cute slug.

Pinneng was kind enough to share his Pikachu footage... Quick attack! Electric Shock!

Elyse Messick captured nematocysts firing as a student and I tracked her down on linked in!

Thank you to the following photographers that uploaded their work on Flickr with commercial licenses! A huge help to people like me:

Greg Schechter:
Chika Watanabe :
Kris-Mikael Krister :
Christian Gloor :

Additional Footage from ShutterStock and Envato Elements
Music by Tom Moore:


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