True Facts: Mudskippers

Mudskippers gets what they gets and don't throws the fits.
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Credits and Links Below:

Thank you to all of these researchers and enthusiasts that gave permission for me to share their work with you!

Prof. Dr. U. Kutschera

Sandy Kawano*, Ph.D
and Richard Blob @ Clemson U

also with Benjamin McInroe @ Clemson U

* special big thanks to Dr. Kawano for being generous with her time and knowledge!

Dr. S. Tonia Hsieh

Zenzo Tazawa -

Dr. Krijn Michel

Dr. Atsushi Ishimatsu

There is also a wonderful resource on Mudskippers at
run by Gianluca Polgar, who was kind enough to point out two mistakes i made in this video:
- At min 1.43-1.49: that is a blenny of the genus Andamia, not a mudskipper.
- Not all mudskippers have fused pelvic fins that are used as suckers

Aside from calling a dolphin a fish - which i actually find kind of funny in context :)

Additional Footage from:


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