True Facts: The Wacky Giraffe

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camel = giraffe (oops)


David Flores captured the pump action of the giraffe drinking:

Dr. William Perez shared the figure from his research paper on the structure of the giraffe mouth.

I thank Magda Ehlers and all of the other people that make their videos freely available to use on Pexels and other sites.


  1. Alexander Burns

    Alexander Burns2 soat oldin

    the brontosaur was a grass eater, lots of fossils here in texas, which still grows native grasses that are that old, and they grow about 6-8 ft, "grazing" size for an animal that big. the explanation of the long neck was to counter the weight of their tail which would be the real weapon, but giraffes, for a good period of time, had no predators, so the actual strength of their tale did not matter, the biology had already taught females to look for a long neck, which would be able to counter the swing of a long tail, which would be a better protector, without ever needing to check it, so they believed it, so the necks grew long, tails grew short.

  2. Karen Ricks

    Karen Ricks6 soat oldin

    Its so interesting

  3. Knight of the Sacred Fox Order

    Knight of the Sacred Fox OrderKun oldin

    Happy Giraffe Day!

  4. Petzouqi

    PetzouqiKun oldin

    Giraffes are more complicated than playing Ninjaneer against a team of bots, so complicated it’s scary.

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    😼 I do see a lot of lions hanging around empty giraffes, at least once or twice a day

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    So the Fundamentalist Jews can eat giraffes as a chew their cudd

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  30. Leah Bouley

    Leah Bouley8 kun oldin

    Camaleopard was the original name for the giraffe

  31. AM Games

    AM Games8 kun oldin

    I learned something new today, giraffes are actually just lions using a dead sock puppets body that evolved giraffe-like appendages so it wouldn't look stupid. I think.

  32. Joe Eckroth

    Joe Eckroth8 kun oldin

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  41. Thalia

    Thalia9 kun oldin

    Their tongues are also black to protect it from sun damage

  42. Gormlick

    Gormlick9 kun oldin

    Kameelperd. The afrikaans word for giraffe. Its origin meaning is camel horse.

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    Love the back shot of the giraffe drinking

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    Me sitting with my 37 giraffe plushies: yes how did you know i like giraffes?


    JUST THAT10 kun oldin

    Man saw a penis and some Animal eating other animal insides.

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    what about the fact that giraffes are more severely endangered than we last thought, theres maybe 11 different species of giraffe fact check me tho, i learned this maybe 5y ago

  65. Sarah Hnslt

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    Never felt so...invigorated after being called a duck😶 is quarantine over soon?

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  71. Warren NZ

    Warren NZ18 kun oldin

    Nice presentation! Comedy along with facts. You didn't mention that the recurrent laryngeal nerve of a giraffe (which connects its brain to its larynx) goes from the brain all the way down its neck to the heart where it goes around the aorta and all the way back up its neck to its larynx. Which makes sense in evolution because that's the path it takes in everything all the way back to ancient fish. But if they were intelligently designed it makes no sense at all.

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