True Facts: Leafhoppers and Friends

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Dr. Andreas Kay
Dr.Kay has captured intimate portraits of many wonderful animals. All of his photos and footage are worth a look

TinyCreature Hub:
I love this channel from Singapore. Lots of great videos from an enthusiast!

Malcolm Burrows ScD, FRS
Dr. Burrows led the fantastic research pertaining to the jumping mechanism of the planthopper nymph

Gernot Kunz:
Animals of Costa Rica App:
Gernot provided most of the photos and has an incredible collection of animal shots in his app. Check it out!

Thierry Bourgoin:
the FLOW database
A very deep database of this vast collection of species.


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  1. Buddy Bud-Bud

    Buddy Bud-Bud4 soat oldin

    I do love nature. It's people I hate

  2. Forrest King

    Forrest KingKun oldin

    This is a good commentator wish he did sports 😂🤣

  3. Jack Staggers

    Jack Staggers2 kun oldin

    "Here is one poking around for a vein on a leaf like a hungover nurse on blood-drive day."

  4. Kalin Kk

    Kalin Kk2 kun oldin

    I really really like your style and wierd sense of humour man...

  5. Axol Otl

    Axol Otl3 kun oldin

    Omfg I just realized that ant hoppers were the bugs that the ants from the movie Antz was drinking from lmao, I didn't know ants did that IRL. Love how nature sparks inspiration. 😂🤣😂

  6. R.J. Wente

    R.J. Wente3 kun oldin

    I am feeel lke llzatgw man of pmagte hoppppppppppp bbiuuuufggggggyyyyyyyàa

  7. Petzouqi

    Petzouqi3 kun oldin

    2:40 that ant’s like “TAKE A SHIT ALREADY!!!”

  8. Christoph Tews

    Christoph Tews4 kun oldin

    An animal with gears- that's truely amazing.

  9. The Emperor of Mankind

    The Emperor of Mankind4 kun oldin

    I love how Frank seems to genuinely love each and every one of his little leaf hoppers

  10. The Sober King

    The Sober King5 kun oldin

    I've never thought insects were "cute" till today.

  11. Cowboy Shane

    Cowboy Shane5 kun oldin

    Mildred got caught imitating as a cotton swab, and was sentenced to 8 years of Stapedectomy surgeries at B.A.M.C, Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio, Tx. I suppose the lesson here is: _"one shouldn't cosplay as a cotton ball."_ 😏

  12. arnold manuel

    arnold manuel5 kun oldin

    Zefrank: can your anal tube streatch out of your butt Me: no. But i saw a porn star do that once. I wasn't a fan of what she did.

  13. Heidi Hemore

    Heidi Hemore5 kun oldin

    Omg I absolutely love this!!

  14. ducky

    ducky6 kun oldin


  15. Oleg Dubko

    Oleg Dubko6 kun oldin


  16. Sana -

    Sana -6 kun oldin

    There’s two mildreds

  17. Donnie Savage

    Donnie Savage7 kun oldin

    God made these creatures Evolution didn't I'm tired of you freaking atheist man who don't believe in God

  18. x X MATSUOMI X x

    x X MATSUOMI X x7 kun oldin

    Wow they’re like the koi of the bug world

  19. Andrew Munro

    Andrew Munro7 kun oldin

    The black and yellow tree hopper is my favorite.

  20. Al Doni

    Al Doni7 kun oldin

    the gear like body-part was very interesting and kinda unique too. it's as if it was intentionally designed.

  21. Megha Kedia

    Megha Kedia7 kun oldin

    Mildred looks like a popcorn...

  22. Sean Langlois

    Sean Langlois7 kun oldin

    I'm a Sagittarius lol

  23. owl-girl xo019 of night

    owl-girl xo019 of night7 kun oldin

    All of the Leafhoppers we are fabulous!!

  24. Monk of Mayhem

    Monk of Mayhem8 kun oldin

    I want to see a game where you are ants vs wasps. Ants do more melee damage normally but the wasps can use their stinger for massive damage with cooldown. Then your kill streaks are predators like, spiders for 5 kills, ant eater for 7 kills, lawnmower for 30

  25. ES Echo Dasher

    ES Echo Dasher8 kun oldin

    1:33 Get stickbugged

  26. rochelle flores

    rochelle flores8 kun oldin

    leafhopper,treehopper,grasshopper INSECTS TOGETHER STRONG

  27. Valient Six

    Valient Six9 kun oldin

    Some of them even have a helicopter on their head! Lolol

  28. CrimsonBeast500

    CrimsonBeast5009 kun oldin

    1:18 M M M M H P O P C O R N

  29. WizZz FizZz

    WizZz FizZz9 kun oldin

    Ty for giving a shout out to us bug nerds XP

  30. hunter haon

    hunter haon9 kun oldin

    I got fried chicken dew

  31. Ever Riley Raye

    Ever Riley Raye11 kun oldin

    Mildred is her own damn sign of the zodiac. You go, girl.

  32. melissa ferguson

    melissa ferguson11 kun oldin

    Oh thanks. I found a dead one in a bag of pot once. Always wondered what it was. Cute.


    MICHAEL MAH14 kun oldin

    This video confirms my theory. Leaf-hoppers are nothing more than super miniaturized cicadas!

  34. JessicaJayneNC

    JessicaJayneNC16 kun oldin

    I’ve been binging these videos a couple days now and I’m still mystified as to who this Jerry person is . Someone please enlighten me!

  35. Hadi Alkhalifa

    Hadi Alkhalifa16 kun oldin

    I call it cute

  36. LiebeAlle

    LiebeAlle17 kun oldin

    "... poking around for a vein on a leaf like a hungover nurse on blood drive day." I choked on my lunch. 🤣🤣

  37. stvhp100

    stvhp10019 kun oldin

    Informative and entertaining!

  38. WhiteLotus

    WhiteLotus21 kun oldin

    Don't worry you look fantastic 🥰

  39. Seaniekins

    Seaniekins25 kun oldin


  40. Christopher Armstrong

    Christopher Armstrong25 kun oldin

    It sounds like he's putting a R in dew.

  41. dignadice nadine eunice

    dignadice nadine eunice26 kun oldin

    Can someone give me the name of the one planthopper with purple mouthparts (if those are mouthparts) in 3:51? I wanna make an oc based off of it but I can't if I don't know it's name, and thus, search it. Please?

  42. MetalBatter

    MetalBatter26 kun oldin

    I never knew the word "honeydew" could be pronounces in a way that would make me lose it. Chapeau.

  43. Ryan Martinez

    Ryan MartinezOy oldin

    "Disappointing as an empty tube of Pringles, just the crumbs" That's poetry, my friend

  44. Ryan Martinez

    Ryan MartinezOy oldin

    They look like mini cicadas

  45. AloneSoul666

    AloneSoul666Oy oldin

    Oh, Jerry...

  46. BookGirlCNY

    BookGirlCNYOy oldin

    “In that way that the best science is often a long, slow passive-aggressive argument.” 4:17. 🧬 🧫 🧪

  47. Bill Vigus

    Bill VigusOy oldin

    You meant phlebotomist which typically draw blood not nurses

  48. DJ Waterman

    DJ WatermanOy oldin

    These creatures are fantastic.

  49. BookGirlCNY

    BookGirlCNYOy oldin

    “A Highlighter got into a fight with a glow stick” 3:23

  50. Reality Ink

    Reality InkOy oldin

    "Hey wana make babies? NO? Ok thanks for not eating me."

  51. veleriphon

    veleriphonOy oldin

    Ahh, the White Morgan Freeman in his natural habitat...

  52. Janese Killebrew

    Janese KillebrewOy oldin

    😂🥰🐞🐜 I'm going to a black tie formal event followed by a rave outfit. 🤣🐜🐞🥰 I can't stop laughing. He's brilliant at making narration & learning interesting. 🤣🥰

  53. S.S. Train Graffiti

    S.S. Train GraffitiOy oldin

    Wow, I searched the web for a bug that I saw with a feather on it's butt until I had to give up because I couldn't find a thing. Thanks to this video my unanswered curiosity has been satisfied and now I know 100% that I did see a bug with a feather on it's butt and not just some ordinary bug that escaped an abandoned cob web.

  54. Jeffrey Streeter

    Jeffrey StreeterOy oldin

    A hungover nurse on blood drive day.....HaHaHa Ha😄

  55. Lemon God

    Lemon GodOy oldin

    Mildred was hidden I couldn’t find her

  56. anythingorz

    anythingorzOy oldin

    Every time I watched this again I kinda felt sad...RIP Dr. Andreas

  57. Kismet

    KismetOy oldin

    Never seen so much small insects. Thank you!

  58. Abnormally Large Frog

    Abnormally Large FrogOy oldin

    2:44 I can do that if I get a rectal prolapse B)

  59. Muhammad Salman

    Muhammad SalmanOy oldin


  60. Núr Love VEVO

    Núr Love VEVOOy oldin

    Wtf is this insect?♥️

  61. Germie Napkins24

    Germie Napkins24Oy oldin

    Im here for the Bebe's and chewing gum, and I'm all outta gum..

  62. Thatgirloverthere

    ThatgirloverthereOy oldin

    What a cute and interesting video! 😁

  63. Ally Brooke

    Ally BrookeOy oldin

    Ok but these are the most adorable lol creatures I have seen

  64. A Frog

    A FrogOy oldin

    Oh yeah that`s some good anus-sugar right there, MMmmm *slurp slurp*

  65. Jeff, but with Umlaut

    Jeff, but with UmlautOy oldin

    so... is that what they ate in Ant Bully?

  66. Cindy Lloyd

    Cindy LloydOy oldin

    You make learning fun!

  67. Lidija Plestenjak

    Lidija PlestenjakOy oldin

    Incredible! By far some of the best examples of ugly-cute combo 😁 such adorable bugs😊 I love this episode ❤️❤️

  68. MyChilepepper

    MyChilepepperOy oldin

    They sure do prefer classical

  69. jemzelp

    jemzelpOy oldin did I get here

  70. Caileigh Crow

    Caileigh Crow2 oy oldin

    These things killed my jade plants faster than the chicxulub meteor hit earth. 😐

  71. Ntra Null

    Ntra Null2 oy oldin

    Mildred is an aquarius 🧐

  72. Lu Minn

    Lu Minn2 oy oldin

    Aw, i love them, too! 💜💜💜

  73. Texas baby ktea

    Texas baby ktea2 oy oldin

    ..."and I love them" that was so cute.

  74. Wytho

    Wytho2 oy oldin

    After all this time. I understand why the ant queen in Bug's Life had a pet nymph she carried around....


    THAT DOG FROM HALO!!! WOW2 oy oldin

    Honey Deywr

  76. TheAdeybob

    TheAdeybob2 oy oldin

    "Bebbey"...I chuckle everytime he says it

  77. ergle lergle

    ergle lergle2 oy oldin

    I love pringle crumbs

  78. Piero Vergara

    Piero Vergara2 oy oldin


  79. Sophia Richardson

    Sophia Richardson2 oy oldin

    RIP dr Andreas Kay :(

  80. Miroslav Zíma

    Miroslav Zíma2 oy oldin

    Which madman (or genius) is writing the script? And the voice underlines it! (I can picture Attenborough) xD

  81. Kargoneth

    Kargoneth2 oy oldin

    @1:42. Natural gears? That's amazing!

  82. Joe Shmoe

    Joe Shmoe2 oy oldin

    All glory to the most high.

  83. joan osborn

    joan osborn2 oy oldin

    Those little things bite

  84. Keriel Watson

    Keriel Watson2 oy oldin

    Thankyou for making education fun

  85. Temporary Name

    Temporary Name2 oy oldin

    I watched the whole thing and I feel itchy now

  86. Sontar

    Sontar2 oy oldin

    Two words, the start of so much learning, "I wonder..."

  87. TheGoatArmy 669

    TheGoatArmy 6692 oy oldin

    Humans have the ability to extend their anal tube. Just go to the bathroom, sit on the toilet with your phone, and........ that happens...

  88. ThatGuy WithTheKendama

    ThatGuy WithTheKendama2 oy oldin

    Absolutely loved it, so adorable 🥰

  89. Bean

    Bean2 oy oldin

    This is my absolute favorite episode 😆❤

  90. Marie Alaina Walukas

    Marie Alaina Walukas2 oy oldin

    Not as fun as anal-dimple.....😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤪🤪🤪

  91. Y Fi

    Y Fi2 oy oldin

    This one was so well done I had to punch 👊 the 👍, gently 🫂 the share button, make ❤ to the sub button while blowing 🌬 a ........ 💋 to the comment.

  92. Laura Graves

    Laura Graves2 oy oldin

    4:33 that's not Maleficent, its Hela of Asgard, lol.

  93. Aurius Blancheman

    Aurius Blancheman2 oy oldin

    Mildred=🍿 popcorn

  94. Phil Adams

    Phil Adams2 oy oldin

    I used to tell my girlfriend's kids that cheese is bacteria poo. Biologists have a great sense of humor.

  95. Christina Kasko

    Christina Kasko2 oy oldin

    I’m glad they are smallz. Not bigz. Cuz scary reasonz.

  96. Ian Holmquist

    Ian Holmquist2 oy oldin


  97. DÄRKFÀÑG unlimited

    DÄRKFÀÑG unlimited3 oy oldin

    These little bebes gets me all the time

  98. b s

    b s3 oy oldin

    Hilarious but don't ever want to see them! Stay of my plants!

  99. RainyDayLady

    RainyDayLady3 oy oldin

    One of them looked like it was wearing a top hat. That had paint spilled on it from walking under a ladder.

  100. Zethare Rey

    Zethare Rey3 oy oldin

    My life goal is yo be like Mildred.

  101. Pamela Self

    Pamela Self3 oy oldin

    These videos are new for me and I am very much enjoying the visuals, just magnificent. However y’all the narrator is hysterical. Thank y’all so very much. What a trip