True Facts: Mating Dance of The Peacock Spider (feat. Quinta Brunson)

Mmmmm. Happy Time.
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Special thanks to Quinta Brunson
Footage by Jurgen Otto, courtesy of Brave Bison
Check out Jurgen's videos. He is the best of the best when it comes to Peacock Spider footage....

I apologize for the mistake in labelling the spiders. The second one is Maratus Pardus. Of course I missed something that obvious in the edit.


  1. Adrekiyo

    AdrekiyoKun oldin

    we had the simp bird, now we have the simp spider

  2. Arthas Menethil

    Arthas Menethil2 kun oldin

    Serious missed opportunity not calling them the "Fancy Ass Spider"

  3. SWISS1337

    SWISS13374 kun oldin

    The singer in this video sounds like the one that does the songs in Rick and Morty

  4. Tori Boo

    Tori Boo4 kun oldin

    okayyyy so i’m a huge science nerd. love bugs, plants, and animals. this is my new favorite channel hands down!! been binging your stuff the last few hours😋

  5. Luke Hansen

    Luke Hansen4 kun oldin

    Wait this part turns around? 🤣

  6. Darkarious shade

    Darkarious shade4 kun oldin

    “Your like a transformer” lol

  7. Snazzy Jovial Wyrm

    Snazzy Jovial Wyrm8 kun oldin

    You have truly terrifying species of spiders, and then you have the absolutely adorable potats that are the peacock spiders and jumping spiders, AKA: the dancey bois and jumpy bois.

  8. Tasha Arellano

    Tasha Arellano9 kun oldin

    Great video..I'm laughing my ass off..the voice overs r awesome..

  9. Василий Егоров

    Василий Егоров9 kun oldin Is this like a face on a butt

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  11. Kenny Hagan

    Kenny Hagan9 kun oldin

    Nice, but the Puffins got themselves a jam,

  12. Jansenn Arnold Verallo

    Jansenn Arnold Verallo10 kun oldin

    Name of the song pls

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  14. Sylvain Moore

    Sylvain Moore21 kun oldin

    Amazing... So cute little spiders! :-)

  15. Multi Cat Bear

    Multi Cat Bear23 kun oldin

    Pete know how to shake some serious ass

  16. Dru Stephan

    Dru Stephan25 kun oldin

    Generally, I say kill spiders with fire, but that was already lit.

  17. Grim 1620

    Grim 162027 kun oldin

    1:31 I like Pete

  18. Nathan Toro

    Nathan ToroOy oldin

    Jerry isn't paid enough

  19. Essboxx Essboxx

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    I have been trying. TRI-engh to pause-donate to the cause bout 3 daze now.

  20. Essboxx Essboxx

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    'Much less alive' 😳 🤣 zaefray? You are helping me hobble thru life here. THANK YOU thank you🤗

  21. Benny Garr

    Benny GarrOy oldin

    That was hilarious🤣

  22. Travis Keena

    Travis KeenaOy oldin

    I can totally watch spiders sexy dance to music all day long! 🕷️

  23. Que serra

    Que serraOy oldin

    Wonde how many people came here wondering of she d eat his face

  24. gabre1ella m

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    Tht sound kill me someone call the paramedics 🤣🤣🤣🤣🚑🚑

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  26. ReverseEngineered

    ReverseEngineeredOy oldin

    That song was absolutely banging. Great job Ze Frank!

  27. Anangh M K

    Anangh M KOy oldin

    Simon said woow😅🤣🤣 3:17

  28. Bacon Wraith

    Bacon Wraith2 oy oldin

    This is my favorite of all the ones he's made lol

  29. Ofthetree

    Ofthetree2 oy oldin

    BOH! :-D

  30. Kyomi Phantom

    Kyomi Phantom2 oy oldin

    i'm not gonna lie, took me a while to realize this was an original written song lmfao

  31. Koustuv Dey

    Koustuv Dey2 oy oldin

    You should listen to the ostrich song

  32. lemon pal

    lemon pal2 oy oldin

    Don't do it Pete!!!

  33. Sharon Kaczorowski

    Sharon Kaczorowski2 oy oldin

    Best nature video EVER.

  34. Benni E

    Benni E2 oy oldin

    I needed this!! 🖤🖤🖤

  35. Luciano Escobar

    Luciano Escobar2 oy oldin

    Can someone explain me why we dont have more of this videos an why there is not an spañol subtitulated version so i can share it with mi friends??? Xdd excuse mi bad inglish im argentinian lol Edit: lov this friking kind of videos!!

  36. GoRyGuy

    GoRyGuy2 oy oldin

    It's expensive to make and not enough people give Ze Frank money, so he has to do other stuff to pay his mortgage. Want more videos? give him money. Want a Spanish translation? Make one or pay someone to make it.

  37. Arielle Alexander

    Arielle Alexander2 oy oldin

    I watch these on ALL my friends phones (they're logged in, now views). Is there a mating soundtrack? This and the ostrich vid are 2, I swear you only need 7 full length songs and people will be wanting a vinyl! Keep in mind I haven't checked if I could purchase a full version of all the songs featured. Someone might already have a Playlist.

  38. uberneanderthal

    uberneanderthal2 oy oldin

    matriarchy: males have to dance for sex, then are murdered and eaten immediately afterward patriarchy: females can dance for sex but it's voluntary and instead of being cannibalised they get dollars bills thrown at them ladies, just admit we let you off easy.

  39. GoRyGuy

    GoRyGuy2 oy oldin

    Well, if you're a spider.

  40. Matrinique

    Matrinique2 oy oldin

    Can I get the lyrics? Please and thank you.

  41. Chuy

    Chuy2 oy oldin

    When is the album release date??

  42. Ferruccio Fichera

    Ferruccio Fichera2 oy oldin

    "And that is how the peacock spider do." There, I said it for all of us

  43. Faith VanHope

    Faith VanHope2 oy oldin

    I love ze frank. He HAS to get his own series

  44. Rav

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    Enough internet for me today

  45. Rav

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    @Koustuv Dey Please don't remind me of it

  46. Koustuv Dey

    Koustuv Dey2 oy oldin

    You haven't watch the ostrich song in this channel have you ?

  47. mordeys

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    who else is binge watching and has forgotten to like the videos and has to go back through them all to see which i missed?

  48. Marie Alaina Walukas

    Marie Alaina Walukas2 oy oldin

    That is so friggin funny! The songs are hysterical!!!

  49. Jonathan Connor

    Jonathan Connor2 oy oldin

    🎵🎶🎵 _I know you see this hiney, it's such a shiny hiney. I know you see this hiney, it's such a shiny hiney._ 🎶🎵🎶 This tune will be stuck in my head all day. And I'm good with that.

  50. Steven B.

    Steven B.2 oy oldin

    Y'know... I am starting to see why they made an anime called So I'm a Spider, So What? now lol...

  51. Suman Banshi

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  52. Amber DeYuliis

    Amber DeYuliis2 oy oldin

    I regret watching this cuz I'm scared of spiders

  53. Tia Marie

    Tia Marie2 oy oldin

    This is the BEST THING ON THE INTERNET!! sorry to yell, but it needed to be said. Loudly. Thank you for this video!

  54. Duros360

    Duros3602 oy oldin

    I hate HAAAATE spiders, but omg these things are so cute xD

  55. Sir Ralph the Apathetic

    Sir Ralph the Apathetic2 oy oldin

    How do you make spider mating awkward?

  56. Jane Eggleston

    Jane Eggleston3 oy oldin

    Pete? Is that Peter Parker?

  57. MassHysteria

    MassHysteria3 oy oldin

    "However, this is not just some flossing at a middle school prom which was held in the gymnasium because someone got the measles." Golden.

  58. Vicki Alpaugh

    Vicki Alpaugh3 oy oldin

    Whoo Happy Time!

  59. - Csótánypüré -

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  60. Tammie Smothermon-O'Mahoney

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    Nessy Harr3 oy oldin

    😆The voice over.. That was cute

  62. caravanearth

    caravanearth3 oy oldin

    why dont you have a netflix show for animals

  63. briieme

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    I love that Quinta was in this

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  66. Taglamig Yelo

    Taglamig Yelo3 oy oldin

    *Am I the only seeing the old lady's face on that female spider's butt?*

  67. Make Racists Afraid Again

    Make Racists Afraid Again3 oy oldin

    We have large blues and reds but these are amazingly beautiful.

  68. Z Zh

    Z Zh3 oy oldin

    I'm terrified of spiders, but I find these little dudes very likable

  69. Dr Bright

    Dr Bright3 oy oldin

    I’m so crippled by arachnophobia that even these dancing rainbow spiders scare the shit out of me.

  70. sarina76667

    sarina766673 oy oldin

    Love it! “Aw he’s cute! I’m gonna f him up!”

  71. Kavonn Thomas

    Kavonn Thomas3 oy oldin

    Lmfao Zefrank was definitely that one weird quiet kid in HS that every once in a while would say something hilarious out loud

  72. GUNES KILIC Istanbul

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  73. Sidney Swerissen

    Sidney Swerissen3 oy oldin

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  74. Diva Diva

    Diva Diva3 oy oldin

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  75. Hariharan Annamalai

    Hariharan Annamalai3 oy oldin

    So basically my ex is secretly one of dem female spiders??

  76. mz40oz

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    He sounds good singing too lol

  77. Michele Walburn

    Michele Walburn3 oy oldin

    That is such a beautiful insect. Wow

  78. Robert Match

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    Dating this way can cost an arm and a leg.

  79. blondeyesbluehair

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  80. Helge Meff

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  82. WhiteCavendish

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  83. Blueroses

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  90. Marcus McIntyre

    Marcus McIntyre4 oy oldin

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  91. Greshgore

    Greshgore2 oy oldin

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  92. Anthony Beavers

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  93. Sethrael the Bard

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  94. Harrison Olsen

    Harrison Olsen4 oy oldin

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  95. W4rfire

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  97. Brian Lisk

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  98. robert jones

    robert jones4 oy oldin

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  99. Autumn Peterson

    Autumn Peterson4 oy oldin

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