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    zefrank13 oy oldin

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    Anything you say. I love your videos!!!

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  4. Samuel Benefiel

    Samuel Benefiel2 oy oldin

    So what about that camoflauge beast from Primeval (BBC)?

  5. Wolf

    Wolf2 oy oldin

    funny how they probably haven't been to the west coast of Canada yet. Might as well visit that rainforest too.

  6. Lee Lee

    Lee Lee2 oy oldin

    @grbowenttotown q

  7. Kevin Potts

    Kevin Potts6 soat oldin

    6:59 perfect camouflage.

  8. Kevin Potts

    Kevin Potts6 soat oldin

    2:55 that tail evolved into a leaf is just amazing. Isn't it incredible what millions of years of evolution can make?

  9. M o t h

    M o t h16 soat oldin

    The butterfly on 4:50 took a bathroom break-

  10. Parth Sharma

    Parth SharmaKun oldin

    The way you say "babies" and the humour made me subscribe this channel 🤙🤙 doing good man !! ❤️😎

  11. cinnamontins

    cinnamontinsKun oldin

    0:21 I know this is a bird but my brain cannot comprehend that this is an actual creature

  12. Elizabeth Del castillo

    Elizabeth Del castilloKun oldin

    Everyone’s not to self including me would’ve been not touching leaves or anything at a rainforest...

  13. Tara Bowman

    Tara Bowman2 kun oldin

    Lmfgdao 😂😂 I have just the best education I could’ve ever asked for!! I’m laughing so hard…. And still learned so much!! Thank you!!

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    George Odembo2 kun oldin

    Did… did anyone else see that dog in a bee costume?

  15. A Squandered Potential

    A Squandered Potential2 kun oldin

    What accent is this? Is it just a sophisticated American voice?? This is killing me

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    6:58Bamboozled Again

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    Meat Ball Man6 kun oldin

    I would have watched this video sooner but I never saw it.

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    KrazyKaiser6 kun oldin

    This is a great in depth video about mimicry that would be a great follow up for anyone interested in a more information about mimicry.

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    Dark Angel7 kun oldin

    Oh I know officially love this series not even joking it is hilarious educational and wholesome I love it


    GWENDOLYN BOI7 kun oldin

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    Margot Gulliford7 kun oldin

    Nature is amazing!

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    ila ragade8 kun oldin

    Technically, all facts are true 🤔

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    abloodcorpse8 kun oldin

    0:19 what the hell am I looking at?

  39. Maria Drown

    Maria Drown8 kun oldin

    7:05-7:20 was like college girls vs me when I was 4"11" with headgear freshman year in high school.

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    Sakyesoolo8 kun oldin

    best hiders in the forest are vietnamese soldiers

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    1:09 ... was there an animal there? Because if there was I didn't see it

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    KILLERFITZzz86 !9 kun oldin

    You should do a video on plants mimicking insects and possibly other critters to and how thats possible

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    View count of a 3 year old Bluejay barfing butterfly video: 6 View count of the same Bluejay barfing butterfly 5 hours after this video was uploaded: A LOT FUCKING MORE.

  51. DysfunctionalBubble

    DysfunctionalBubble9 kun oldin

    Hover flys used to freak me out right up till i was in my 30s. I'm so dumb.

  52. KP_SapphireMK2

    KP_SapphireMK29 kun oldin

    6:59 Zefrank thats a B-Dog, and its next generation of a wasp

  53. HeatherMills' PhantomLimb

    HeatherMills' PhantomLimb9 kun oldin

    “Jokes on you. Bet you puke up my lifeless body in 5 minutes. Burn.” That line was great.

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    I always watch YT while eating so.. really need subtitle, zeze my friend 🤧 hearing lvl is 50% off when I'm chewing.

  55. Jet daniel Obiena

    Jet daniel Obiena9 kun oldin

    he keeps talking bout animals but almost all the backrounds are just trees and leaves XD

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    Gas Mask9 kun oldin

    4:08 lmfaooo

  57. Gas Mask

    Gas Mask9 kun oldin

    It’s funny how the animals know what they look like and what they can match

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    Billy Johnson10 kun oldin

    Lol, when you were talking about the "Amazon bark anole" I had to go back a few times because I could have SWORN YOU SAID "the Amazon 'BARKING HOLE'", hahahahaha.

  59. Billy Johnson

    Billy Johnson10 kun oldin

    Dear god.......the fur buddy at 6:59 is SO FUCKING CUTE!

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  61. Jai du Toit

    Jai du Toit10 kun oldin

    I thought that the monarch butterfly was toxic and the viceroy butterfly copied the pattern of the monarch butterfly to trick Predators into not eating them

  62. Kilanna

    Kilanna10 kun oldin

    Yeah ok but Hover flys *hover*. Bees don't do that, how are they fooling anyone?

  63. Matheus Oliveira

    Matheus Oliveira10 kun oldin

    Is there any book ou there which deals with all the math behind this natural selection? I really would like to know about the odds of a motherfuck*ng butterfly evolving to mimic four different and specif species.

  64. Lavvy Taffy

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    Flower: don't eat me, I'll kill you Caterpillar: fuck you I'll do it anyway

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    Caspar von Campenhausen10 kun oldin

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    DepressingMcNugget10 kun oldin

    5:53 finally found icefrog

  69. DepressingMcNugget

    DepressingMcNugget10 kun oldin

    5:53 finally found icefrog

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    Ok, I missed it. At 1:07 I'm guessing that somewhere in there is a critter, but I even paused the image, and couldn't find it. Did anyone else see what it is?

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