True Facts: The Skeleton Shrimp

They look like little peoples.
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Daniel Knop

EunJai Im

Steven Winkworth

Eco-Divers Manado and Lembeh,
Scubazoo and Sam Lewis

Ravencall Video Productions

Additional footage licensed from Shutterstock and Pond5


  1. Irene Veronica

    Irene Veronica2 soat oldin

    Ha! Interesting (never heard of these little guys), informative and hilarious - as always!

  2. Charles Bronson

    Charles Bronson7 kun oldin

    One said i was a fat fleshy bag of mostly water. And various animal meats. After i ate a slim jim. Yeah, they say things. Jerks.

  3. Shin Computer-Monster

    Shin Computer-Monster10 kun oldin

    It's One-Shot Johnny!

  4. Thomas Miller

    Thomas Miller11 kun oldin

    Wacky waving arm inflatable tube 🍤🦐🍤🦐🍤🦐

  5. Josh Sackman

    Josh Sackman11 kun oldin

    Caprelids are savage as fuck, apparently

  6. Walker Meiner

    Walker Meiner11 kun oldin

    During middle school, my science teacher didn’t teach. He would put on videos, give us a “quiz” on it, then test with the same questions on the “quiz” later that week. Best damn class EVER

  7. MitzieKat99

    MitzieKat9911 kun oldin

    I wonder what the tiny flappy swimming things are at 0:57

  8. Teira Holmes

    Teira Holmes15 kun oldin

    🤣🤣🤣 "They swim like a drunk person in a sleeping bag, trying to answer the doorbell!" We died laughing! This was too funny!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. jazzochannel

    jazzochannel15 kun oldin

    does any one know the name of the flute piece played in the background?

  10. Adam Webb

    Adam Webb19 kun oldin

    I love the use of old school names like Mildred and this one I heard Eunis lol

  11. SR2 Zimcon

    SR2 Zimcon19 kun oldin

    So the moral of the story is that the ocean is another world in biology. Look no further then these things, the sea pig, the sea cucumber, and the cuttlefish.

  12. BadChizzle

    BadChizzle19 kun oldin

    So funny! ✨❤️✨

  13. Hippy282

    Hippy28220 kun oldin

    I would love to see a reaction video with Attenburrough

  14. Ryan Martinez

    Ryan MartinezOy oldin

    Ohhhhh!!! those are the creatures Ursula turned everyone into in the little mermaid!

  15. Elijah Jenkins

    Elijah JenkinsOy oldin

    Just take the feedback Gerry

  16. Colin Frank

    Colin FrankOy oldin

    That was all great! Except Caprellidae is a family 🤓

  17. Amy Magrow

    Amy MagrowOy oldin

    😂😂😂 I love you dude 😂

  18. BookGirlCNY

    BookGirlCNYOy oldin

    Me too!

  19. ZeroTime 2Play

    ZeroTime 2PlayOy oldin

    Are these these the things that Ursula turns people into in the Little Mermaid?

  20. BookGirlCNY

    BookGirlCNYOy oldin

    Like an “accordion that was used in a colonoscopy and kept that shape.” 2:12

  21. Egemen İpek

    Egemen İpekOy oldin

    Hi Peter

  22. Shōta Aizawa

    Shōta AizawaOy oldin

    0:33 Me, A drunk person in a sleeping bag.

  23. Arjan Jo Uy

    Arjan Jo UyOy oldin

    They look like the worm guys from Men In Black

  24. Neo Autodroid

    Neo AutodroidOy oldin

    What in fresh hell?

  25. Alif Amirul

    Alif AmirulOy oldin

    That's rude.

  26. Brenda Harper

    Brenda HarperOy oldin

    "Unfortunate splinters". Yes. There WOULD be.

  27. Yosukei22

    Yosukei222 oy oldin

    This creatures remind me of the aliens in MIB. They too like to talk trash to everyone

  28. cody chabot

    cody chabot2 oy oldin

    This narraration is not at all what i expected

  29. BookGirlCNY

    BookGirlCNYOy oldin

    You gotta listen to all of his videos-hilarious!

  30. Cønnør J

    Cønnør J2 oy oldin

    I find them extremely disturbing. Like wow I kind of hate them. Usually I like things like them.. but them, gives me the heebie jeebies. However I still find them interesting and I care that they exist.

  31. BookGirlCNY

    BookGirlCNYOy oldin

    I agree!

  32. Yoel Armas Jr.

    Yoel Armas Jr.2 oy oldin

    They can hold on with three pairs of “hold on for dear life” grasping appendages

  33. Becoming Hero

    Becoming Hero2 oy oldin

    Dude God is frikkin cool, making schit like this

  34. dingledongle69

    dingledongle692 oy oldin

    Peter also played in the Men in Black Trilogy

  35. Girl Idk

    Girl Idk2 oy oldin

    I was happy until I saw all the babies on the mom. Then I was just itchy-

  36. BookGirlCNY

    BookGirlCNYOy oldin

    “Forty little beh-beh...” 3:17

  37. Cause I’m the snack that smiles back GoLdFiSh

    Cause I’m the snack that smiles back GoLdFiSh2 oy oldin

    The little claw reminds me of Discord from My Little Pony. Also this thing is terrifying and I’m happy that it’s not any bigger than the tip of my finger nail

  38. Neo Cloud

    Neo Cloud2 oy oldin

    Frank, I love your work but can you please stop cursing so my kids can watch

  39. BookGirlCNY

    BookGirlCNYOy oldin

    Not to mention the sex references! I know, I wish I could show it to my students.

  40. TheGameRazor

    TheGameRazor2 oy oldin

    They can be real jerks... _You know, they SAY things..._

  41. Trill Lee

    Trill Lee2 oy oldin

    Definitely the things from MIB

  42. Captain Salty

    Captain Salty2 oy oldin

    They remind me of those weird skinny alien people from MIB

  43. Midnight Lantern

    Midnight Lantern2 oy oldin

    "Imagine a drunk person in a sleeping bag trying to answer the doorbell" Lmao. six feet under. The tears.

  44. XGL

    XGL2 oy oldin

    These are just class.

  45. Jonfather

    Jonfather2 oy oldin

    "Did you tell them it's your body and you don't want to be peed on?", sounds more like a quote from the R. Kelly trial

  46. BookGirlCNY

    BookGirlCNYOy oldin

    Hilarious! Best comment 🏆

  47. Núr Love VEVO

    Núr Love VEVO2 oy oldin

    Can we get a True facts about piranhas??

  48. Rockin

    Rockin2 oy oldin

    that's a pokemon

  49. Escaped Cryptid

    Escaped Cryptid2 oy oldin

    Can you do coconut crabs

  50. mark rosa

    mark rosa2 oy oldin

    Wacky inflatable arm flailing tube guys.

  51. BookGirlCNY

    BookGirlCNYOy oldin

    I love those tube thingies.

  52. gigas81

    gigas812 oy oldin

    40 kids attached to the female? definite next level parenting stuff!!

  53. Tomás Pabón

    Tomás Pabón2 oy oldin

    Wait holy shit i didnt know skeleton shrimps were alphipods, crazy how different they look to "normal" amphipods

  54. Adrien Manriquez

    Adrien Manriquez2 oy oldin

    They kinda look like praying mantids

  55. Jane's Diary

    Jane's Diary2 oy oldin

    "There would be some unfortunate splinters." I was not thinking about it, but now I am thinking about it. Make it stop, please.

  56. Shivangi Singh

    Shivangi Singh2 oy oldin

    2:57 splitting her exoskeleton open = foreplay

  57. jungefrau

    jungefrau2 oy oldin

    Why did evolution make so many animals where their entire existence is just a season of fear factor?

  58. Peter Chan

    Peter Chan2 oy oldin

    As a skinny short dude named Peter, if I ever get called a "skeleton shrimp" I will steal kneecaps

  59. BookGirlCNY

    BookGirlCNYOy oldin

    Take it as a compliment! 😊

  60. Jason Rowe

    Jason Rowe3 oy oldin

    I always ask the ladies if they are about to molt.

  61. Jason Rowe

    Jason RoweOy oldin

    @BookGirlCNY I don’t know are you molting?😁

  62. BookGirlCNY

    BookGirlCNYOy oldin

    How’z that workin’ for ya? 😘

  63. feeder reter

    feeder reter3 oy oldin

    This guy and his references to EDM musical festival feels like he been to every single one

  64. Nino Nieman

    Nino Nieman3 oy oldin

    What zefrank1 would like to say, but for some reason can't at 00:15 is "sucking his/her genitalia". C'mon, we're all adults, we can take it - if you're going to suggest smut, have the guts to go the whole way, otherwise it's just moral-majority humor.

  65. Jen Greene

    Jen Greene3 oy oldin

    Hilarious, thank you Z!!!!

  66. faxpax swagworth

    faxpax swagworth3 oy oldin

    males beating the shit out of each other. nature never change

  67. GetOn TheList

    GetOn TheList3 oy oldin


  68. Prophet of Doom

    Prophet of Doom3 oy oldin

    This channel is great prophet likes it

  69. Benjamin Gibson

    Benjamin Gibson3 oy oldin

    Like a drunk person in a sleeping bag trying to answer the door.. how the hell do you come up with a metaphor that good!!!

  70. Aseel Bakheet

    Aseel Bakheet3 oy oldin

    Some one should teach them not to say rode things to ather see creatures

  71. Duy Duong

    Duy Duong3 oy oldin

    I fcking love this

  72. Will Odell

    Will Odell3 oy oldin

    Y'know, they say things.

  73. Mzosquare

    Mzosquare3 oy oldin

    Its finny these are called shimp. It would be like if Hyena were called Laughing Dogs.

  74. Just Luu

    Just Luu3 oy oldin

    praying mantises of the sea

  75. 2bfrank_art

    2bfrank_art3 oy oldin

    *Like a drunk person in a sleeping bag trying to answer the doorbell* *As one might wiggle outve a wet onesie* I feel directly targetted. You were at that party too?!

  76. Dr Bright

    Dr Bright3 oy oldin

    If it makes anyone feel any better, skeleton shrimps are still less dickish to seahorses than Zefrank was in his true facts about on them.

  77. Ravenrose

    Ravenrose3 oy oldin

    I love all the names he gives them.

  78. Helge Meff

    Helge Meff3 oy oldin

  79. Ant

    Ant4 oy oldin

    I love how you don't bang on about subscribing and ringing the bell. Ze Frank gots no time foh dat. If people want cominfotainment, they know what to do.. So I personally just did. I just wanted to add. You can not steal my customised descriptive word combining Comedic, Informative, and entertainment. No. Wait. Ze Frank can say wha he wants on his channel, and his subscribers are happy to assist. [Over exaggerated Thumb up, 1mm away from screen.. Oh shoot, too close, I punched the screen. But it did not break. BONUS]

  80. C

    C4 oy oldin

    My favorite. I don't know why.... I know these shrimps. I have met them. Well done!!

  81. Phantoka Blitz

    Phantoka Blitz4 oy oldin

    "Courtship begins by males beating the living crap out of each other" the wonders of life.

  82. Xenronnify

    Xenronnify4 oy oldin

    "Mating begins by males beating the crap out of each other" Ahh, the majesty of nature 🤣

  83. Bunzen Kantzen

    Bunzen Kantzen4 oy oldin

    These are those cigarette smoking long torso aliens from Men in Black.

  84. doggin6

    doggin64 oy oldin

    This guy is trying too hard to fire too many bad jokes... slow it down man. It could be funny.

  85. Janette Lava

    Janette Lava4 oy oldin

    Even down to these tiny ass shrimp, the males still behave like this. Fighting each other to the death to win the female.

  86. Jcknight7996

    Jcknight79964 oy oldin

    Did you tell him it's your body and you don't want to be peeded on?

  87. Old Weird Books

    Old Weird Books4 oy oldin

    I just like how angry they look

  88. Miranda

    Miranda4 oy oldin

    They look like the Tallest from Invader Zim

  89. Sirduck Ouf The North

    Sirduck Ouf The North4 oy oldin

    damn this really 11 months ago

  90. Jayden Smith

    Jayden Smith4 oy oldin

    Spicy worm

  91. Resist the Plan-demic CON-VID evil.

    Resist the Plan-demic CON-VID evil.4 oy oldin


  92. Mrs. K

    Mrs. K4 oy oldin

    They look like those goofy aliens from men in black.

  93. Alucard Moon

    Alucard Moon5 oy oldin

    Never get enough of you saying bey beys 😆

  94. Sally Sellars

    Sally Sellars5 oy oldin

    All these years and they talk? Did not know ,thanks for the information .

  95. Jimmy D Cricket

    Jimmy D Cricket5 oy oldin

    Seen millions of these, never knew what they were.

  96. Cindy Chavis

    Cindy Chavis5 oy oldin

    U r cussers

  97. Nic K

    Nic K5 oy oldin

    This 99.5% like to dislike percentage is well deserved.

  98. Adam Delgado

    Adam Delgado5 oy oldin


  99. Robert Walker-Smith

    Robert Walker-Smith5 oy oldin

    I don't think I ever saw this before. Wonderful surprise just before going to bed. Also: skeleton shrimp look like high budget science fiction movie monsters. Utterly unearthly.

  100. Jay Bayer

    Jay Bayer5 oy oldin

    Holy crap these look amazing. How have I never heard or seen one before. I want an army of them

  101. Altered Beast

    Altered Beast5 oy oldin

    Facts are facts because they are true

  102. Nique Lertchoomongkol

    Nique Lertchoomongkol5 oy oldin

    this channel makes me love animal 😘😘😘🤩🤩🤩🤩

  103. muppeteer

    muppeteer5 oy oldin

    you know, they say things

  104. Jay Ak

    Jay Ak5 oy oldin

    They look like a Praying Mantis! 🤔. Who named them Skeleton Shrimp?

  105. Kevin Reese

    Kevin Reese5 oy oldin

    This is the soft core version - what caprellid do I have to su...oops that is not how the Kevin do 🤣

  106. ValhallaBeckons

    ValhallaBeckons5 oy oldin

    This might be my favorite UZnick channel.

  107. Eora

    Eora5 oy oldin

    People can name three kinds of shark and believe they know a lot about nature... Show them this. There are so many unknown incredible animals.

  108. Big Fire Pop

    Big Fire Pop5 oy oldin

    would've been better without the "they say really mean things" bit over and over.

  109. Comet

    Comet5 oy oldin

    Looks like da decepticon

  110. Olegario Zamudio

    Olegario Zamudio6 oy oldin

    Chicken 🦶🏼 grip.

  111. Chinchilla

    Chinchilla6 oy oldin

    The Inch Worm of the Sea.