True Facts: Cats' Killer Senses

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Thank you to Dr. Alexis Noel at for allowing me to show her work. Click on the link to see other remarkable work that Dr. Noel has done! Her work on the cat tongue led to work on a better hairbrush!

Sweet receptors:
Pupil shapes:


Footage used under license from:
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  1. Katie Papp

    Katie Papp5 soat oldin

    You know, I hate ads...but I love them as long as you are voicing them over. I never skip them because I can't wait to see what greatness is yet to come.

  2. Caleb Earl

    Caleb Earl9 soat oldin

    If cats can't taste sweetness why do they like ice cream so much?

  3. Kyle Stubbs

    Kyle Stubbs11 soat oldin

    Featuring Cheetor and Tigatron from _Beast Wars._ Oh, you saw them. Their disguises are just _that_ good.

  4. Gordon Marshall

    Gordon MarshallKun oldin

    The six toed cat, I call those "Hemingway breed"

  5. markoatonc

    markoatonc2 kun oldin

    I still dont understand my one of my cats likes sweet.... anything swet, he LOVES it... even pure sugar!

  6. D

    D2 kun oldin

    So cat's have comb on their tongue, the more you know.

  7. Femaiden

    Femaiden2 kun oldin

    6:38 I'm disappointed in you, zefrank. . . . . not even gonna comment on a certain part of that gator? . . alright.

  8. Femaiden

    Femaiden2 kun oldin

    if cats can't taste sweet, then why do they love condensed milk so much?

  9. Jeremy

    Jeremy2 kun oldin

    6:37 packing

  10. Tarot After Dark

    Tarot After Dark3 kun oldin

    *I thought this was titled: Cat’s Killer Scenes. Read it too quick.*

  11. NervousBunnyGaming

    NervousBunnyGaming3 kun oldin

    OH OH OKAY just casually Harry styles has four nipples

  12. NervousBunnyGaming

    NervousBunnyGaming3 kun oldin

    Even the ad was good

  13. Peter Smolko

    Peter Smolko5 kun oldin

    omg, ur so funny :-D

  14. Sudo Slack

    Sudo Slack5 kun oldin

    this channel is my new addiction

  15. avoid skooma

    avoid skooma5 kun oldin

    Horny jabba

  16. Barry Schalkwijk

    Barry Schalkwijk5 kun oldin

    I've seen cat's eat literally anything and enjoy it.

  17. Troy Teixeira

    Troy Teixeira5 kun oldin

    Priceless commentary

  18. Charlie Berry

    Charlie Berry5 kun oldin


  19. M PB

    M PB6 kun oldin

    Anybody else see that Filipina dating ad? That shit was wild lmao hahahaha

  20. christian romero

    christian romero6 kun oldin

    U can literally get away w anything as long as it's...for science

  21. Kaela Wilson

    Kaela Wilson6 kun oldin

    This guy passed the metaphor unit in English 9

  22. Dave Williams

    Dave Williams6 kun oldin

    6:41 did that croc have some sort of asphyxiation fetish or something. He's hard AF.

  23. I Am

    I Am7 kun oldin

    Cats drink water coz they scoop the water up My mind is blown - I’ve seen the slow mo of them drinking and I’m like “wtf - how come dogs drink better??” But now I realize: cat tongue more efficient

  24. Raymond Fagan

    Raymond Fagan7 kun oldin

    I love the callback to evolution adding or subtracting nipples on cats.

  25. D2

    D27 kun oldin

    Anyone else wants to see ZeFrank dressed up as his favorite last minute Halloween costume?

  26. Dawson Brothers co.

    Dawson Brothers co.7 kun oldin

    I love Marvel: Contest of Champions. I've been playing for about 5 years and can't get enough of it

  27. Jhon Louise Dogoldogol

    Jhon Louise Dogoldogol7 kun oldin

    Do True Facts about Dogs please 🥺

  28. Kro

    Kro7 kun oldin

    I clicked the soundcloud link hoping to find the ending credit song and instead found class.

  29. Wendell Marthetrs

    Wendell Marthetrs7 kun oldin

    I wish I had this guy in college.

  30. Rebel Runner

    Rebel Runner8 kun oldin


  31. HamzOutFor HarambeBlessedBeHe

    HamzOutFor HarambeBlessedBeHe8 kun oldin

    Cats are natural serial killers man, always killing shit leaving its dismembered remains out for you to find. Like yea I killed them there's his head and lower torso meow.

  32. Noah Boucher

    Noah Boucher8 kun oldin

    Beer from a bucket in the dark

  33. Unknown

    Unknown8 kun oldin

    "Oh really? Harry Styles has four?" LMAO

  34. midian gurning

    midian gurning8 kun oldin

    4:57 What? Haaaa...

  35. cody Austin

    cody Austin8 kun oldin

    Stank mouth lol I call it potato face. 🤣

  36. Noor Duha

    Noor Duha8 kun oldin

    And then there are people who don't believe in God. I mean, okay.

  37. Sean Peacock

    Sean Peacock8 kun oldin

    Since no one has mentioned it: Et. al is a Latin abbreviation for "and others". This allows a few people to legally take credit for the work of a large group of people without sharing credit.

  38. Rae Karner

    Rae Karner9 kun oldin

    Is my cat hearing termites in the attic?


    WILL CORNELL9 kun oldin

    I love taco bell bean burrito. thats it, thats the whole comment.

  40. FreeHomeBrew

    FreeHomeBrew9 kun oldin

    When he said cats can't digest plants and can only digest meats and fats etc. I felt super bad for all the "vegan cats" out there. Damn.

  41. Durandus

    Durandus9 kun oldin

    I managed to season broccoli so well, my cat was stealing and eating multiple pieces.

  42. Greg Avant

    Greg Avant9 kun oldin

    Wow, I'm very surprised that the whole barbed penis thing didn't even come into play.

  43. Sym doxe

    Sym doxe9 kun oldin

    Et al. Strikes again

  44. Niloy Barai

    Niloy Barai9 kun oldin

    1:18, Yeah i know

  45. Bryant Martinez

    Bryant Martinez9 kun oldin

    I've just found this, and I like nature/animals. But the twist of being insultive and weird puns. Is just perfect and very entertaining, definitely got my subscription.

  46. moumous

    moumous9 kun oldin

    Dang! I learn so much from Zefrank all the time

  47. Zheck

    Zheck10 kun oldin

    A quick word from out sponser "Ad shows up" Unskippable ad And lemsponser Well playmed

  48. Roachergaming

    Roachergaming10 kun oldin

    “Horny Jaba” LMAOO

  49. Lisa Schuster

    Lisa Schuster10 kun oldin

    The way cats drink is SO cat. "I hunt my water."

  50. TheOnlyAirtreck

    TheOnlyAirtreck10 kun oldin

    “This is a bit of an awkward blind spot to have if you use your face to kill things” 😂😂😂

  51. Nick Guzeli

    Nick Guzeli10 kun oldin

    Taco Bell bean burrito to explain the light in eyeball situation is gold.

  52. Kain Yusanagi

    Kain Yusanagi10 kun oldin

    "HORNY JABBA." killed me. XD

  53. Deputy Blunderbus Boondoggles

    Deputy Blunderbus Boondoggles11 kun oldin

    why would someone thumbs down on this? they probably like those bullshit tik tok videos instead 🙄🤭

  54. Janelle Woodall

    Janelle Woodall11 kun oldin

    Next video will be True Facts: Harry Styles

  55. duck etto

    duck etto12 kun oldin

    This guy is hilarious 🤣

  56. Rae Peronneau

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  57. BKRN JKR

    BKRN JKR15 kun oldin

    4:05 horny jabba

  58. melissa ferguson

    melissa ferguson16 kun oldin

    Oh yea. I have a , currently, 13 year old house, yard cat. In his prime he decapitated two adult rabbits a day.

  59. Damian Silvers

    Damian Silvers17 kun oldin

    My cat has a weird mutation, her tongue isn’t rough

  60. Garren Miller

    Garren Miller18 kun oldin

    When it comes to drinking, cats are like pressurized space pens in that they're an over-complicated solution. Dogs are the Russians and just use a pencil.

  61. PsychoTheRapist 69

    PsychoTheRapist 6919 kun oldin

    Of all the body parts to identify, you choose NIPPLES?

  62. Daniel Lopez

    Daniel Lopez20 kun oldin

    Anyone know the song at the end?

  63. James Remington

    James Remington21 kun oldin


  64. Dryw Hopps

    Dryw Hopps21 kun oldin

    so technically cats experience pure savory..?

  65. Hasan Siddiqui

    Hasan Siddiqui22 kun oldin

    The greatest beef in human history is between Ze Frank and clams.

  66. Destroyer 1015

    Destroyer 101522 kun oldin

    I’m with Ze on that whole “clam” thing... plus, my day just isn’t complete if I don’t find a Ze Frank video that I haven’t watched 5 or 7 times ❤️😁

  67. Vijay Iyer

    Vijay Iyer23 kun oldin

    It's like the internet except by pissing over stuff's basically the internet😂😂😂

  68. Lije Martin

    Lije Martin26 kun oldin

    "I see you, ninja"

  69. Kenny Hagan

    Kenny Hagan26 kun oldin

    Thanks again. You keep on with the crazy naturalist thing and it's just great. May the spirits of Marlon Perkins and Jaques Cousteau always be with the people at ZeFrank.

  70. Travis Bougie

    Travis Bougie27 kun oldin

    Best sponsor for this channel ever

  71. Jennifer Schmitzkatze

    Jennifer Schmitzkatze28 kun oldin

    0:16 wait what 4 nipples?

  72. Billious

    BilliousOy oldin

    “Like some young people are want to do with grrrapes”

  73. Tamara Broussard

    Tamara BroussardOy oldin

    Does this include domestic cats because my cat Sassy will kill you for a twinkie..i have scars. I have to eat them in my car and spray myself before going in the house. Is it the texture maybe?

  74. J Kraftzmann

    J KraftzmannOy oldin

    Cats eat a lot of that fat and never really die of heart disease, i wonder why? It may be that its actually sugar that causes that.

  75. Carter Williams

    Carter WilliamsOy oldin


  76. Sunny Quinn

    Sunny QuinnOy oldin

    So cats basically have a bunch of long pointy little fingernails on their tongues.

  77. chris white

    chris whiteOy oldin


  78. Ferria

    FerriaOy oldin

    My daily funny.

  79. P M

    P MOy oldin

    I apologize for doing this but there is an error in your script. You left out a tiny piece of information. At 4:50 - “Cats have a very good sense of smell. With over 40 times the odor detecting cells In their nose parts.” Than what? 40 times more than what?

  80. Nick Low

    Nick LowOy oldin

    Wait Harry Styles has 4??

  81. kemmli

    kemmliOy oldin

    One of my cats watched this with me

  82. H*ck

    H*ckOy oldin

    What’s the name of the song playing during the ad it’s really pretty

  83. Scallop O’Hare

    Scallop O’HareOy oldin

    Now I know why my cats like afountain so much. They don't have to estimate the surface of the water.

  84. Rhianne Moll

    Rhianne MollOy oldin

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  85. Germie Napkins24

    Germie Napkins24Oy oldin

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  86. Ladyhawk's Lair

    Ladyhawk's LairOy oldin

    0:36 Geneticists: This sounds like a challenge.

  87. Alan Hyland

    Alan HylandOy oldin

    My cat would have disagreed. He LOVED jam, for example.

  88. Florida Taylor

    Florida TaylorOy oldin

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  89. Taylor Hall

    Taylor HallOy oldin

    Classification based on number of nipples, now thats some science i can get behind!

  90. Machtyn

    MachtynOy oldin

    I'm surprised you didn't mention the pheromone glands between the toes on the cat when it started licking there. Also, that lion vs giraffe attack was incredible, impressive! Poor cat got launched. Serves it right, what was it thinking trying to attack a giraffe?

  91. Otpyrc Ralph Pierre

    Otpyrc Ralph PierreOy oldin

    Phreakin Hilarious! My sister had a pure white cat. It would jump out from behind the furniture when you least expected it. She named it Bonsai. My Dad called it "Spot", because when it was walking away from you, all you could see was that "spot".

  92. Eneov

    EneovOy oldin

    Horny jabba..

  93. DDragon1226

    DDragon1226Oy oldin

    Zefrank has some serious problems with clams :)))))

  94. Ken O'Brien

    Ken O'Brien2 oy oldin

    Fun fact: Cats have spiky pinises

  95. Rhaenyra Targaryen1stofhername

    Rhaenyra Targaryen1stofhername2 oy oldin

    I am Learning way too much on this channel. My new favorite channel.

  96. Essboxx Essboxx

    Essboxx Essboxx2 oy oldin

    :-) now then GRAPPLE WITH. NOT WITHOUT.

  97. MANTIS!!!

    MANTIS!!!2 oy oldin

    who's Yerry?

  98. Rutangye Solomon

    Rutangye Solomon2 oy oldin

    You'd think it'd "meow" I CAN'T BREATHE!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  99. Khanh Hua

    Khanh Hua2 oy oldin

    "... and et al, who's like the best scientist, he's on all the science papers." -- ROFL

  100. ElysetheEevee

    ElysetheEevee2 oy oldin

    I had a typical cat that had polydactyl kittens. One, a gorgeous pointed longhair mix had seven toes up front and five in back, aside from dew claw. His paws were so large (he was a big boi) that they just looked like cat-sized punching gloves. His seal point coloring didn't help at all. Miss that boi....

  101. Daich Chow

    Daich Chow2 oy oldin

    "it's like the internet except communicated by pissing all over stuff. it's basically the internet"