True Facts: Macaques

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Thanks to Dr. Erin Riley, Dr. Kathryn Devaney,
and Dr. Lauren Brent for their time helping
me with research.

Cédric Sueur \u0026 Marie Pelé
shot the wonderful sequences on
Kōjima Island. They have an
incredible book on Snow Monkeys
which you can find at:

They also have many more videos
on their YT channel:

Macaque Stone Tools Footage from
"Technological Response of Wild Macaques (Macaca fascicularis) to Anthropogenic Change
by Lydia V. Luncz, Magdalena S. Svensson, Michael Haslam, Suchinda Malaivijitnond,
Tomos Proffitt \u0026 Michael Gumert"
The inclusion of this footage in no way means that the authors of this paper endorse the commentary of this video.

Additional footage used under license from:
Envato Elements



  1. kyle gray

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  7. I Am

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    For a second I thought you were leading into "the 100th monkey", I was worried.

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    Taxation is extortion (theft/ non-consensual). Thereby, makes all governments slavery.

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  14. NervousBunnyGaming

    NervousBunnyGaming3 kun oldin

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    Very refreshing, considering that the big trend on UZnick (mostly from Asian countries) are the "cute baby monkey" videos which are really baby monkey torture videos for people who hate macaques. It is horrifying especially when you read the comments and realize just what the heck is really going on. The world has more weirdos than I originally thought - and I thought there were a lot to begin with.

  51. BartUhKiss

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  52. Thomas Alègre de la Soujeole

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  100. N The One

    N The One2 oy oldin

    There's no alpha. Or at least that terminology comes from a complete MISrepresentation of wolves in captivity, not even wild wolves, even less so dogs and humans/primates. Now, if you mean that there has been actual scientific observations confirming a hierarchy is macaques and the specialists have decided to call one of the roles "alpha", then sure. I just wanna make sure people don't take it as confirmation of old debunked stuff.

  101. Janiter Inadrum

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